Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new years eve!! AKA- the time I admit I MIGHT be a bogan.

So. What is this blog all about? And the bigger question for those who know me what you are really thinking is "ugh! Another blog!! Good god woman pick something and stick with it!!"

Well that's what it's about. I need to stick with something. And blogging it will keep me accountable. So bear with me and I will explain what in blue blazes I'm talking about.

It's currently 9:36pm here in sunny (revoltingly hot and sticky) Darwin. It's new years eve. There is 2.5 hours left of 2011. And for this coming year I have, for the first time, decided to have a new years resolution.

I can hear the inward groans already.... So shush! Its not as boring as it sounds (I hope!)

I thought long and hard about what I thought I could commit to for a whole year! (I'm impressed I've been married for four!) I considered becoming a better housewife, exercising more, decluttering my wardrobe... None of these tickled my fancy. So I thought back over the past year at what low points stuck out that could be improved.

The big one was the day I went grocery shopping in my local Darwin shopping center with no shoes and no bra with just a summer strappy dress on. This doesn't raise an eye anywhere in the northern territory mind you. But it appalled me! (and my husband, and my mum!!) How had I gone from high fashion, high heels and high hair to such horrid lows of self esteem and presentation. Something needed to be done. I hadn't worn make up since we moved here over 6 months ago! I needed a concrete goal, not an idea to flounder towards for twelve months and then this time next year not be sure of I had achieved anything or not.

And then I decided... I'm going to enter a pageant! Yes a pageant! I'm going to spend a year doing all the awesome mummy and wife stuff I normally well as being completely self absorbed for 15 mins or so a day so that in march 2013 I can enter a pageant!!

I should add that it's no ordinary pageant...I am going to enter the miss Pin-up Australia competition. So tomorrow as the first day of 2012 I will start working on a plan and post up some pics so I can see my starting point.

This will be a daily blog (unless unforeseen dramas) as well as my normal kinda lame tweets so I would love for you to follow my progress whichever way you please.

Much love.

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