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I'm Cie. (pronounced like the 3rd letter of the alphabet, not like the guy who sings Gangnam style)I'm a 27 year old working mum of one four year old little madam, Married to a grumpy bugger and live in Perth, Western Australia.

I have been blogging since 2008 but Pathetic to Pinup was born in late 2011 after I realised that being a stay at home mum for 4 years had stripped me of any sort of style and most of my identity. (Note: that doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed it!)
I also know I cannot be the only mum who has gone from diva to dull after giving birth. Any sort of style went out the window with my bladder control it seems.

I love hearing from people who read my posts and feel the same or have a giggle at my expense. I know I laugh about things after the fact!

 If you don't want to leave a comment, for whatever reason, feel free to use one of the alternative forms of contact further down the page to have your say :)

Pathetic to Pinup is a PR friendly blog. Feel free to contact me with reverent ideas and we can go from there.

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  1. Hi, new subscriber here! I found you on facebook's The Bloggers Network. I'm also a SAHM mom, and can totally relate to blogging as regaining my self identity. I would love if you'd check out my little corner of the internet: :)


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