Thursday, August 30, 2012

When trolls come out to play- Defence force version

Today news was released that 5 Australian army were killed in two separate incidences in Afghanistan.
Every single time we lose one of our boys (or girls, although I don't think that's happened yet in Afghanistan , correct me of I'm wrong!) big tough keyboard warriors come out to play.

I was a defence spouse for 5 years (still am in a way as hubby is still an active reservist)
In that 5 years there were 5 international trips (for him, not me) that spanned from a couple of weeks to months away, we had a baby, we moved to 5 houses in 5 different states of Australia, lots of trips all over the country (again for him, not me) and him weeks and weeks and weeks away.
I know that it all sounds very negative but the reality was that I was pretty lucky. My husband only deployed to one country and it wasn't classed as a war zone at the time, and the worst injury he ever suffered required a full tendon reconstruction to his ankle after completely destroying it then continuing to work as normal.

Tonight 5 families have found out their husband/father/son/brother/uncle/best friend is never coming home again. Fathers that will never get to read their children a bedtime story again.
Some who do come home don't come back the same, the scrounge that is PTSD irreparability changes them. Families are altered or destroyed.
I have been with a friend when she has gotten a phone call from her husband deployed in the middle east after a close call whist on patrol and that reaction alone is enough to chill to the bone at the reality of the situation

In Australia, military service is voluntary. They are highly trained and immensely patriotic and passionate about their job and what it represents.
As much as the media is harsh on defense culture alot of the time what they fail to focus on is the mate ship, the connection that is sometimes stronger than family ties and the reality that if there is ever a problem your mates always have your back, no matter what!

What sickens me is that whenever a soldier is killed the Internet trolls rev up their modems and jump on their soapboxes to use the death of an ADF member as an opportunity to spew their putrid opinions to anyone who will listen.
Over the years I have read that soldiers deserve to be killed for being idiotic pawns of war, that soldiers are rapists and murderers, that soldiers are terrorists with better toys. The worst by far was a couple of years ago was under a post about the most recent fatalities someone had replied with "good riddance" I'm sure similar things would be said about sailors or airmen/women if they suffered fatalities as well.

Believing in or supporting whichever conflict is happening whenever has nothing to do with it. Soldiers, sailors and airmen/women go where they are ordered to, no ifs, buts or maybes about it. The consequences of not going or going AWOL can result in jail time in a military prison.

Our military is made up of PEOPLE.
All kinds of people, all with different backgrounds, beliefs and back stories.
Every single one of those people are someones son or daughter.
Some have their own sons or daughters.
And every single one of them are trying to do the best they can in a very unique and unusual lifestyle.

To all the trolls out there slagging out our serving members. You are all very tough and opinionated behind your keyboard but I would love to see you announce those same thoughts in person in front of a full defence unit.
Let's see how tough you are then.
Go on.
I dare you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The slipper radius

As the cooler weather starts to give way to the occasional sunny day it's made me think about my winter habits. Specifically my slipper habits.
I feel like the front fence of the house is a impenetrable, enforceable slipper radius. I will not under any circumstance go past this barrier in my slippers. Not even just to duck next door to grab jumper leads for a car battery, the slippers MUST be removed.
When I started over thinking my slipper habits (God I need a hobby or something!) I started to notice that other people have a different slipper line than I do. Slippers at the shops, slippers in the car to drop off older kids to school, slippers just about anywhere.
It made me think about why I originally started this blog.
My braless radius used to be the front door and over the years it got further and further away until the fateful day I went shopping without one (and without shoes! Eeek!)

Maybe that's how the whole rights as pants thing got started, the radius just grew?!

What do you have a radius for? What radius has extended for you?



Monday, August 27, 2012

A Polkadot day out.

Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry its taken so long to happen but FINALLY getting my thoughts on the Polka dot vintage market in Perth up on the blog! (A lack of internet last week took its toll on my blogging mojo!)

On Saturday18th of August I headed off to Claremont showgrounds to indulge myself in a kid free morning of vintage goodies.
I wasn't disappointed. The Polka dot vintage market is just one of 3 markets help together in a pavilion. There is vinatge/antique home wear and furniture up the top and on the lower section is the handmade goodies and the vintage clothing area up the back.
I only made it to the two lower sections before I had to head home but you can read all about the upper section here on Kelly's blog

Although I was on a super strict budget for the day (Which unfortunately prevented me from making any serious purchases) I still picked up a couple of little goodies from On The Front Line (Some mini cleaver earrings and delightfully real looking cherry hair bow..only $13 for both!!)
I also got to meet the lovely Jewel from Jewel's wardrobe and Chris from Fresh Styles, I love meeting people who have commented on the Pathetic to Pinup Facebook page in real life!

I also got the details of many websites and stores that stock amazing vintage items or vintage styled items with a modern twist. I love Bettie Page dresses and I now know where to get them in Perth!

 My tip for these sorts of busy events is if you don't have the time or $$ on the day make sure you grab some details so you can check out whats on offer another time

I was really impressed with the variation of items up for sale, I just wish the vintage clothing sellers were given a little more space next time (I bet they are hoping so as well!)

For the next market in November (17th-18th) I will be taking along some extra money, more time and smaller heels! (My feet were killing me as I had been out the night before as well, the hangover wasn't really helping either)

So if you are a Perth local I might see you there in November!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Obsessed with something oh so wrong.

Today I'm linking up with Lauren at The Surprise Beginning for Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Monday's Blog Hop.

The Surprise Beginning

Am I the only person who gets obsessed with things that really don't work for them and cannot let the idea go even though I know it's potentially bad for me.

I'm not talking about men or diets. I'm talking about fashion trends.

At the moment I have a fixation on leather look tights. I know I will never ever wear them but I can't help it.
I can think of a million different ways to style them, in my dream outfits however I have the same body as Miranda Kerr.
The reality is that I have short chunky stumpy legs and even If I was brave enough to buy a pair I would probably have to wear them all scrunched up to get all that fabric onto my limited length.

To get my PVC fix in check I purchased a leather look skirt from eBay.

It's sat in a drawer since I got it, I'm too afraid to wear it.

My inner fashionista has deserted me again, she's probably run off somewhere to shop and drink cocktails, most likely Thailand somewhere. Bitch.

Why is it that most up to the minute trends aren't that nice in reality?
 The idea is fabulous but when you put it on to head to the local shops you feel overdone and pathetic.

On the other hand, I was VERY against coloured skinny jeans (on me, love them on others who can rock them)
Last week I purchased a pinky-red pair....lets just say I am now a convert! I love them!
(and notice they are the perfect length for short legs!)

What have you purchased because you love the idea but the reality freaks you out?
Have you ever disliked something, fashion wise, and been swiftly converted?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

One week in photos.

One week of self taken photos. No particular order. A post of pure vanity I suppose. :)


Friday, August 10, 2012

The change room of doom and how it stole my day.

Today I had one of those moments where you take a step back and ask the universe. "WTF?! Are you kidding me?!"

I ducked into my local shopping centre to grab some new jeans as I've lost some weight recently (FINALLY!) and my pants keep falling down and presenting by backside to the world.

Feeling pretty awesome about myself and my recent slim-ish-ness (new word for everyone right there) I grabbed the things I wanted to try on an headed for the change room.

That's when everything started turning for me. Here I am thinking I looked ok, no makeup but that's no biggie, and had done the school run so was dressed accordingly. You know one of those days where you are feeling pretty good about yourself.

The mirror on the other hand thought differently. It went out of its way to amplify every issue as I was trying things on. I had no idea my regrowth was so bad! I hadn't realised my legs were starting to resemble old growth forrests. Why for the love of god was I wearing the dodgiest undies I own! I look like a lizard and need to exfoliate STAT! And so on and so forth.

My day was supposed to be super productive and I had plans to make the best use of my kid free time.

Oh no! After my run in with the change room of doom I had to go home and colour my hair, shave my legs and remove all strange flakes of skin attached to my body.

Needless to say. Today has NOT gone to plan. How did all those seemingly small beauty related tasks I had put off for a while add up to sponge most of my day away!

I promise I had a really awesome post planned out for just didn't happen. Dammit!

Have you ever felt like you have lost an entire day?



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

(Possibly NSFW) Fifty Shades of Grey leads the way for fifty shades of fetish?

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James has women all over the world getting hot and bothered and sales at adult stores around the globe have skyrocketed, many stores completely selling out of items mentioned in the book trilogy.

BDSM paraphernalia seems to me, to be be the new "Rabbit" a woodland friend styled personal vibrator that rose to fame after being featured in THAT episode of "Sex and the City" (If you haven't seen it have you been living under a rock??!)

What Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha did did for self pleasure and exploration, E L James has done for BDSM, made it mainstream.

Whether or not E L James has created a catalyst for a new sexual revolution or not, kinky sex is now being talked about. Book clubs, mothers groups, girls nights out, Facebook pages and on twitter.
The flame has been lit under many a woman's libido and there is expected to be a population boom in 9 months time of "grey babies"

If vibrators and now BDSM are common place what will be the next big craze that will become fashionable? I have prepared a list of possibilities, some are pretty far out of left field. (I have also included BDSM for those who are unsure of the details.)

BDSM-  Is knows as the combination of two acronyms B&Dbondage and discipline, and S&M- sadism and masochism it is essentially people who use experiences of pain and power to create sexual tension, pleasure, and release. Its not all just whips, leather and being ties up. The 'mind fuck' is the key focus point. Anyone can spank but its the games that come before during and after are an intricate part of the "play"

Plushies- Fetish for soft toys (plushies) I found that there were two 'groups' of plushies...ones who just love to cuddle hold and sleep with them or ones who used them for sexual gratification buy rubbing against them or by creating specially placed holes in them or adding specifically placed appendages on them. Interesting fact, the most popular plushie is Meeko, the raccoon from Pocahontas  Depending on what series it is, they can sell for as much as $180!

FluffiesThose who like to dress as stuffed animals. The costumes are carefully chosen and once they are fluffie-fied the wearer takes on a new persona they create to go with the costume.

Sploshing- In a nut shell...super messy sex, usually with  food items. Sploshing is basically the act of playing with body chocolate on steroids.

SmokingThe fetish for watching people smoke.....explains its self really :)

FeetFoot and/or shoe fetish is apparently the most common of all fetishes it  is basically worship and/or sexual preference toward feet or shoes. many of the sites i researched on talked about foot jobs ( a hand job using feet) I think i got ripped off here, many foot fetishists are insistent on their partner having frequent professional pedicures....I dont think i would mind that at all!

Feeders/gainers- People who like their women and men BIG and enjoy feeding them up and watching them gain weight. Some feeders are very scientific in recording their "results" by regular weighing ins and measurements being taken and recorded....Much like the Biggest Loser backwards.   

Infantilism(also includes diaper fetish) dressing and acting as an infant.

Anime porn/fetish (hentai)- Sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation (usually of Japanese origin) Japanese origin such as anime, manga and computer games

Latex- Latex and rubber come under the same  heading, dressing in and feeling rubber/latex is sexually gratifying 

Voyeurism/exhibitionism- Watching/ being watched in sexual situations or otherwise, some like to watch or be watched whilst performing mundane tasks.

Water sports/scat- Wee play (weeing on or being wee'ed on) scat is similar except replace wee with poo. 

Blood fetishes- There are HEAPS of different types, including blood letting menstrual blood and vampiric fetishes. EEEK!

Old people- Large age gaps and attraction to the elderly this is the reason why wrinkle porn is so popular 

Asphixiation (autoerotic or with help)Being strangled or suffocated with by your own doing or with help. (I'm surprised about the number of people I know personally who are open about being into this.) 

 Mummifiction- Part of bdsm play to remove power and ability to move. 

 Amputation- People who are sexually aroused by the sight of an amputation usually of a whole arm or leg. Some would like their own limbs removed and with go to drastic lengths if unable to get a medical professional to preform the medically unnecessary limb removal.

BukkakeSexual practice that features a person (usually female) being ejaculated on by several men. Gokkun is similar in which several men ejaculate into a container for the receiver to drink

BalloonsLooners are into balloons, EVERYTHING about balloons, the texture, the smell, the feel, rubbing against them for sexual release. There are those that are poppers and those who dislike the popping.  

What are your thoughts on "alternative" sexual lifestyles and fetishes becoming mainstream? 

Have you ever tried anything a bit kinky?

Have you read the Fifty shades of grey books? (Care to share your thoughts? Read Where's My Glow's take on E L James' bestsellers here)

(Remember you can leave a comment under an alternative name if you are feeling a bit shy!)


Monday, August 6, 2012

The winter blues and pathetic to pinup's very first giveaway!

During the colder months I find that showering is a pain the backside. Once you are under the warm water it's all fine and dandy but the undressing and redressing part sucks! I figure I can't be the only person who feels like this. To make you shower time a little more uplifting during the winter months, today I'm offering the first ever giveaway on Pathetic to pinup and this one comes with a story as well.

During a coffee date catch up with Yvette from Delightfully Tacky Lil Squirts and Chantel from Bossy Mummy in Fremantle a couple of weeks ago I wandered past a delicious smell in the freo markets near town hall.
After doing a bit of weird circle laps, much the same as my dog does when she has dropped her smacko. I discovered the cutest little soap stall with lots of lovely sample cuts in front of the full sized soaps.
While I was filling my olfactory system with as many scrummy smells as I could the man behind the stall insisted I take some samples home while explaining to me how the stall works.
It's run by a not for profit company called SMP that provides employment for people with various disabilities. All the soaps are hand made and sold at the market stall by participants to give them skills, independence and employment. (FANTASTIC program in my eyes. Anything that supports peeps with disabilities in the local community is a winner by my standards.)

While we were talking he added one of all four varieties of sample soaps they had in to a paper bag for me.
I was so impressed with the beautiful smells and the fantastic not for profit program (and the guilt of him giving me more samples than I felt was my fair share) I let him know that I write a small local blog and after trying out the soaps I would give the stall a bit of a plug.
All of a sudden full sized soaps and bags of scented soap shavings for wardrobes are being added to my paper bag of trial goodies.

So that's the bit that benefits you guys

I have tried out my little sample bars and they are delish. Lemongrass is my personal fave. (Planning on heading down on Friday to buy me some more actually) They are scented but not over powering, pretty colours too!

I have 4 full sized bars of OPASS handmade soap and an organza bag of soap shavings to scent your wardrobe or use as a scrub bag thing in the tub. Whatever you choose.
The 4 scents are Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Musk and Lavender.

There will unfortunately be only one winner this time and the must be within Australia. Sorry international people.

To win you will need to like me on Facebook, twitter or on google follow (if you don't use all three that's ok, whichever ones you do use is fine)
Let me know in a comment where you have liked me AND in the same comment leave me a funny tidbit or story about soap, showering or lack thereof. The best answer wins. (will be chosen by some random member in my house I can pin down for a second. Probably MIL)
Comp closes on the 1st of September at 9am Perth Time.

You can find SMP OPASS soaps at the Fremantle markets near town hall on Fridays and Saturday's or contact SMP on (08) 9317 3155 or on Facebook (

This is NOT a sponsored post. The samples I received are available to everyone and anyone who goes to the freo markets.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Perth vintage market and my thoughts on the rise of vintage style.

On Sunday I dragged little madam and hubby into the city to check out a vintage sale in Northbridge.

After a bit of a hike we eventually found it. Little madam made themselves comfy on an AstroTurf covered lounge and I headed inside for a look.

They weren't waiting long, about 10 mins.
What was advertised as a GIGANTIC vintage sale consisted of 3 long racks of only of 70s, 80's and late 90's clothing (with a couple of 60's items thrown in as well)
Not my kind of thing at all. The 80's especially should be left in the past and everyone should try and forget the fashion of the era ever existed!
It was super popular with other people, judging by the armfulls of clothing being hauled around by shoppers.
But not the right fit for me.

The Polkadot Vintage market is coming up on the 18th and 19th of August and has 300 stalls signed up for this one.
I think I have a better chance of finding items that A) fit me and B) are the right fit for a pinup look. (If you are a stallholder at the market reading this please hide everything in my size for me ok! Lol)

I love that vintage fashion is becoming mainstream. There are so many people rocking vintage items in their everyday outfits and looking amazing. But for some people this snippet of advice is called for and very much needed. Just because something is old doesn't make it vintage, even if it is vintage it doesn't make it stylish! Choose items that suit you. Don't pay "vintage" prices for an old store brand item that wasn't fashionable or particularly good quality when it was originally produced.
(Ending my mini rant now...promise)

I would love to know if Perth has any rockabilly specific events. I know Sydney and various areas of QLD do. If anyone has any details please let me know. :)

How do you feel about the vintage resurgence in Australia fashion? Do you wear vintage items?

Much love

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hairdresser anxiety, is it just me?

My MIL got her hair cut on Wednesday. It was a pretty dramatic change but it looks great.
It started us talking about hairdressers, the good and the bad.

I know alot of women (especially mums) view having their hair cut and coloured a indulgent treat. A few hours to enjoy child free and completely focused on them even if you do pay through the nose for the privilege.

I love changing my hair (even if 90% of the time I end up with "mum hair" which is impossible to make look polished and fashionable)

But I hate the hairdresser.

For me it's a chore rather than a luxury.

It makes me stressed. Even when you explain why you want or bring along a photo there is still that margin of personal interpretation that means the difference between funky mid 20s hair and looking like you are heading towards the blue rinse age bracket.

I'm also not a fan of the hair washing business. It's probably just because I'm a bit of a control freak.

So am I the only one who gets a pit in their stomach when they know it's coming up to haircut time?

Any horror stories about hairdresser visits?

Hope you are all having a great weekend.



I'm thinking I should just invest in a great hat to extend the time between hair appointments. ;)

Spooks, it's not just a TV show.

I once had a job that was so secret I didn't even know what it was yet an I was already signed into a 6 year contract and training for it.

In 2007 I joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as a young, not quite innocent as I should be, 21 year old. I had my pick of jobs due to my aptitude testing scores
(yeah I know, Talking myself up! It's my blog so I there!)

The job I ended up in was as an Electronic warfare linguist which changed names after I started to crypto logical linguist or something equally exciting sounding.

I was trained and prepped for 9 months
(I submitted my discharge super early after I discovered I was pregnant with little madam, two parents in defence with possible deployments would have been far too challenging!)

For 9 months I lived, ate, breathed my job.
I did an intensive 6 month course in Indonesian and how to specially speak/write/understand military Indonesian language. (lots of acronyms!) None of which I can remember anymore.

Even now, over 4 years later I'm still no closer to finding out exactly what my job was!

I had a job that I wasn't given a description of what it involved. Just lots of vague details.

I was what's commonly know in the defence force as a spook. It's all very secret squirrel.
Even people who have been in defence for years have no idea exactly why they do, it's lots of small dark locked rooms apparently.

However this wasn't the strangest job I've ever had, but more on that another time. :)

Has anyone else ever had a job that the description and reality were vastly different?

Warning this post may make you think I'm nuts!

I have spent a good portion of today swearing at my blogger dashboard. It's being an arsehole and won't magically look like I want it to. Jerk!

I used to have the same problem when I was sewing. The fabric and machine wouldn't behave, not my fault right?!

Have you ever worked really hard on something and not have it work out?

And can anyone help me to deal with my freaking blogger layout??!

Much love and grumbles



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