Monday, October 22, 2012

It can't be that hard can it?

I work in retail, as a manager, I obviously have a retail background going back for over 10 years and recently we started hiring a bulk lot of Christmas casual staff. While this was taking up a lot of my mind palace (my brain) I did what any self respecting woman would do on her lunch break in a large shopping centre, retail therapy time.

One hour later my purchases equated to zero and my blood pressure was through the roof. How freaking hard is it to get great (or even good) customer service these days.

After getting home and venting to the only other woman of legal shopping age in my house, my mother in law, we both realised that we had similar gripes.
Being greeted with a standard and automated "Hi, how are you?" With no personality or sincerity is frustrating to the customer after entering more than 3 stores in quick succession. The only thing worse is being ignored!

At risk at sounding up myself I have to say I rock at retail customer service! I'm cheeky, irreverent and slightly nuts at work but the number of compliments I have received in the short time I have been back in the work force says to me that many other people are frustrated with the lack of GENUINE interaction from retail attendants.

What's your biggest gripe with customer service? Any horror stories? Any amazing examples of GREAT service?

What advice should I offer to my brand new (mostly very young and inexperienced) Christmas casuals?

This is your chance to potentially influence a new group of customer service retail workers so essay comments are welcome if you have a lot to share.

Much love.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The case of the vanishing blogger.

Hello my lovelies!!

I'm so sorry I have abandoned you for a while but it's for a good reason...promise!!

I have started a brand new full time job! {yay!}
And my goodness hasn't it been a bit of a shock to the system!!
I'm very much enjoying it and the position I'm in was very unexpected as I hadn't been in paid employment for almost 5 years.
My boss is lovely, and my staff I have met so far are great but I was kidding myself thinking returning to work would be a smooth transition!
Luckily the in-laws and hubby have been able to pick up from childcare when I am unable to and hubby is also becoming the perfect house wife as far as the laundry etc goes.
Huge props going out to working mums with no help and a workplace that isn't supportive. You guys need a medal just for getting up in the mornings!

So that's my bit of news.
Anyone else have anything exciting to share? Big or small.

Much love.

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