Thursday, September 6, 2012


I had planned on putting this up a few weeks ago...but kept coming across other blogs with a similar idea so I put it off....
This was written almost 7 years ago's not a new thing at all

So here it is....THE LIST!

I wrote this after ending an abusive relationship (years before meeting my now Husband
I'm slowly ticking things off and when I get to the end, I will write a new one and start again!!!
What's on your list of things you want to do before you die???
Do you have a bucket list? 
Care to share?


The list.

What I want in a partner.
*Someone who will be themselves
*Respect me and my opinions even if they don’t share the same
*Not be closed minded
*Love me for who I am and not expect me to change (too much)
*Have direction in their own lives
*Love me for my mind but love my body as well
*Be accepting of my appearance the way it is
*Compliment often but constructive criticism given if needed (in a thoughtful way)
*Be secure in themselves and our relationship
*No violence towards me or anyone/thing important to me
*Affectionate (the smallest actions can sometimes mean the most)
(all done in 2007...Mr President)

I do want to get married have a family and settle down. That doesn’t mean I want to ever be boring. I want to have fun for the entirety of my life, regardless of the stage I’m in. I would want a life for my children similar to my own upbringing. I was always told I have anything in life that I wanted as long as I worked hard and put my mind to it and I would want my own children instilled with the same self belief.

*Ride an elephant in Thailand
*See the Taj Mahal at sunrise or sunset
*Sail around the Greek islands (topless)
*Dance at carnival in Rio
*Go to a B and S ball in rural Australia
*Climb Everest.
*Go swimming with sharks off the coast of Africa
*Visit Auschwitz and Changi concentration/death camps
*Kayak in New Zealand
*Drive a vintage convertible along the coast of California
*Go to the red square in Russia
*see the Louve museum
*See the ruins in Cambodia
*hike to Muchu Pichu in Peru
*experience Venice before it sinks
*walk the Kokoda trail

*Learn to shoot a gun, accurately (2007, austyer )

*Pose naked for a men’s magazine
*Elope (to Vegas??)
*Re-learn the double bass
*Have salsa lessons
*Speak a foreign language moderately well (2007...Indonesian... and the navy paid for me to do it)

*Get a tattoo (2007)

*Save someone’s life
*Write a self help book
*Fall in love again every single day with the same person (2007)
*Give a million dollars to charity
*Convince someone else to get my name as a tattoo
*Kayak grade 5-6 in New Zealand
*Streak through a sports match….doesn’t matter how big or small the game is…extra points if I get arrested!!
*Give birth -2008
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