Friday, April 5, 2013

I think my husband is haunted.

I think my husband is haunted.

Yup you read that right.

I have always been interested in the paranormal side of life.

My mum has "dreams"
My brother saw people's "colours" (Aura's)
My great grandmother was born in Singapore and was apparently psychic.

I've seen things I can't explain.

But nothing compared to the experiences I've had since meeting my husband 6 years ago.

I honestly believe he has someone attached to him and has for many many years.

His mum believes the same.

And so does he.

The number of strange occurrences that happen when he is around increases the longer he is home for, meaning that since leaving the defence force this has increased exponentially.

I don't believe what ever is attached to him is evil in any way. If anything it seems protective and somewhat maternal.

Maybe it's that same entity that use to check on his brother when he was younger when he woke during the night?
Maybe it's what keeps him safe when he does all the random dangerous situations he seems to get him self into?
Maybe it just likes watching him in the shower? (Wouldn't blame it/her)

My two big concerns are
1)That one day one day whatever it is will morph into something not so harmless (or something else darker will decide to get in on the action and attach it's self to him)
2)That little madam has picked up this "gift" as well.

But for now I'm guessing our slightly dysfunctional threesome of a marriage will continue. Me, him and the dead thing.

Much love.



  1. Timely read Cie, I finally saw our little hallway spectre last night and hubby & I were literally just eating our breakfast and pondering its existence. I collect a lot of old victoriana photos so we've deduced it's one of them (hanging in the hallway). In our old place I had a pile of pics hanging up and each night without fail they would fall down and eventually smash one by one. I ended up scurrying through them and found the culprit

  2. Cont.... So we burned it and haven't had any problems since, except for our visitor every now and then xx

  3. Hmmm, currently sitting alone in the dark. Erk. ;)


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