Sunday, May 19, 2013

One single thing.

Hi lovelys!
I've had a wonderful weekend. I very much hope you all have as well.
This weekend has provided a unique experience for me. There was no jumping off bridges, no wrestling of sharks, no eating of unknown animal entrails.
It was unique in almost inaudible whisper kind of way.
For the first time in many,many, many years I was given a vote of confidence and competency by someone outside of my "inner circle"
It's funny how without actually saying the words " believe in you" a single gesture can instill a waterfall effect of self belief.
All of a sudden the little negative voice inside is shouted down and retreats into its nest. The sun is sunnier, the birds seem to actually sing rather than just screech incessantly.
And I wonder if the one person who started this snow ball effect actually knows how big of a deal it actually is.

I'm off to go enjoy my weekend but before I do there is someone I want to say a big thank you to. You know who you are

Much love


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