Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My own little slice of the world.

Well hi there! 
Finally we have moved and started to get settled in. 
There have been big changes for (almost) everyone. 
Little madam has a new school. 
Hubby has a man cave room and a new electric guitar and bass 
Asti (the dog) has new food bowls (hey, it's a huge change in her world!)
And as of today I'm unemployed....until next Tuesday anyhow when I start with a fantastic new company. Still retail management but a much more prestigious position. 

We still aren't completely unpacked.
(And still don't have real Internet on until next week!) 
But what I have realised is that we have a whole bunch of crap we don't really need. So while unpacking I have been culling anything we don't need and simplifying our world. 

I've read so many blog posts (and articles and books) about how living with less is easier. I always thought it was a load of bollocks. Now in our own house that we know we aren't moving from any time in the near future it all makes more sense! I've been getting super serious about it, I've even culled 20 or so pairs of shoes!! 

It also makes things easier to keep clean! (Which my neat freak husband is loving!)

I'm nowhere near finished my culling binge but I can see a improvement already. 

There has been zero decorating done so far, but I'm aiming to pop my painting cherry on 5 days off. (Will update if I get it all done)

So signing off for now

Much love


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