Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just one of those random fluffy get to know ya posts

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone had a great saturday. Our entire extended household is battling head colds at the moment so we are considering buying shares in kleenex and panadol. A thrilling weekend it does not make!

MIL and I did hit the shops in Fremantle this afternoon. there were no thrilling purchases made by me, even though there is a fantastic sale on at the moment. One thing that did catch my eye was a bonus bulk buy pack of NUDE by nature mineral makeup..but alas they didnt have the colour I was after. Bummer!

So as my brain is all kinds of fuzzy today, its just a bit of a fluffy post. As this blog is pretty new I figured that every couple of weeks or though I would tell you ten random things about me (I would LOVE if you all shared ten random things about you in the comments, that would make my day!)

  1. If I could spend all day, every day in my PJ's I would!
  2. I have cavalier king charles x bichion named Asti. Shes a bit dopey but beautiful in nature lol.
  3. I am either an 8 or 9 in shoes....I cant decide which fit I like better, depends on the shoe I guess.
  4. I had a salted caramel macaroon for the first time today....I think I'm in LOOOOOVE!
  5. My alcoholic crink of choice is Grey goose vodka with good quality orange juice or lemonade. yummo!
  6. I want Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive" played at my funeral.
  7. I want to buy an unloved cute little house and make it stunning in my own slightly quirky way.
  8. I love fashion and have champagne tastes on a not even beer budget, it more like a shandy budget! I hate paying retail prices hence why at the moment I opshop to get my fashion fix. 
  9. I always knew I was an ok cook but living with the Inlaws has been a huge ego boost. My MIL raves about my cooking. I guess I must be doing something right. (maybe recipies is something I should start posting on here? thoughts?)
  10. I have no one amazing talent. I'm good at lots of things but as far as I can tell I'm not AMAZING at any one thing.
So leave a comment about your weekend or a list of 10 random things or whatever takes you fancy really.

Night all!!


  1. Have you checked out the pickled fairy yet? Coolest shop ever.

    1. I am also in between an 8 and a 9 in shoe size
    2. I am addicted to a kids online pony game
    3. I HATE sunlight, I always have the blinds closed
    4. I don't like sharing a bed with my husband
    5 I frequently do spend all day in my pjs, I dont have to go anywhere so why not?
    6 I am a fussy eater, I can't eat food with 'bits' or texture changes.
    7 I hate clothes shopping for myself but could spend all day shopping for the kids
    8 I have recently discovered op shopping and am already thinking of sabotaging my furniture so I can replace it
    9 I can't drive manual
    10 My favourite breakfast food is tim tams

  2. oh yeas the pickled fairy is now a firm favorite in our house.

    I cant drive a manual either. My husband is appalled!

  3. I think we are long lost twins
    and you should come live with me

  4. OMG...salted caramel macaroon - best. thing. ever.

    Ditto on the shoe size thing.


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