Friday, June 29, 2012

take 2 (aka- where I try and catch up on the past 6 months)

Hello Lovers!
Its been a long time between drinks, or in this case, blogs.

Its been a busy busy 6 months in my world and I figure that I should sum up things.
There will be posts in more detail on many of the things that have occurred.

  • We moved from Darwin to Perth so my husband could start his new career.
  • We DROVE from darwin to perth (with a 4 year a corolla hatchback!)
  • We are now living with my Inlaws (mother in law, stepfather in law and brother in law)
  • Little madam starts school in 4 weeks. (WA has a weird school system that im still trying to get my head around)
  • We started trying for baby number two late last year (before all the earlier posts) with no success and shortly before we moved I was dignosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) with the added bonus of insulin resistance. (which explains why NONE of my pregnancy weight gain seems to have gone away!)
  • Now we arent sure if baby number two is an option that we want to pursue.
  • I will now have to somewhat "reinvent myself." I have been a stay at home mum for 4 years, and now it looks as if its time to join the "real world" again. I find this perplexing. I hadnt realised how much of my identity had been tied up with being "just a mum" (Oh my god! I hate that term, but it pretty much sums up things and how I'm feeling at the moment.
  • As im no longer living in the humid tropics of the Northern Territory I have been able to start to rediscover fashion again. Its very exciting! and I'm pleased to announce that since arriving in Perth I have worn a bra every single day. No more braless bogan! (see here to have that explained)
So thats it for now.

I'm hoping to make a few changes to this blog over the coming weeks...If anyone has any experience they can share with me about the best ways to promote/market pathetic to pin-up send me a message on the facebook page or email  <which i will add the address here shortly once I create it>

What have you all been up to? Any big news? small news? silly news? Share it as a comment! :)

Much love

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