Friday, November 9, 2012

A letter to the bride to be.

Dear L.

I wholeheartedly wish I could be here today to see you and D start your married lives together. Unfortunately due to my ever changing circumstances and ever increasing distance away there was no possible way of attending and plans A through to Z were thwarted.
Please know that I will definately be there in thought, probably not far from the drink service area.

A marriage is something very special. Ironically it's something I feel should never be rushed into...with anyone but your one true love. I honestly believe that D is that one person for you. I wish you both amazing love and happiness from this day until eternity and know that many happy and amazing events and milestones await the two of you.

One day in the far off future we can be hobbling along on our Zimmer frames shopping for homey peds talking about about how rich and blessed our lives and marriages have been.

Who knew those two little girls dressing up as princesses in your mums jewellery would both find our prince and our happy endings.

Have a drink for me and know that I love you.

Love Cie.

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