Tuesday, November 6, 2012

High-ish tea. Review.

A few weeks ago I attended a high tea one afternoon with ms mystery case. (ok so more than a few, naughty naughty blogger!)

It was my chance to lose my high tea virginity. As much as I adore all things vintage a high tea opportunity had never presented itself before now.

I met Ms Case at the esplanade hotel in sunny Fremantle, conversing internally with myself on the way that this went against everything I tell my daughter about stranger danger. I need not have worried. Ms Case was an absolute doll! And the fact that she had been so patient with me while I took my sweet ass time to get this blog post to her illustrates that she's even more lovely than first impressions let on.

The room for high tea at the esplanade is bright and the large windows look towards the park and the waters edge. Great views in the sunnier months of the year.

The high tea was very reasonably priced, but as with many things the less you pay the more you forgo.

The items served looked amazing on a less than traditional tower and the creme brûlée mini tea cups were a delight.

I would suggest that high tea at the esplanade would be perfect for novices like me but for those looking for the splendors that the term "high tea" conjures than you probably will be disappointed. Perfect for a 16th birthday party or similar but for those looking for the full ladylike experience best to look elsewhere.

See Ms Mystery Case's blog to see what she's all about!

Much love.


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