Friday, January 20, 2012

Days 12-21 The mother of all problems.

And yet again I have slacked off with regular blogging. Dammit! I'm not great with regular commitment..I'm surprised I've managed to stay married for as long as I have to the one man!

Things with my pin up mission are plodding along. I have started a better skin routine and have been making an effort to wear things suit my shape ( pulled in at the empire line either by design or belted in with one of the many belts I found lurking in my wardrobe after my cull.)

Many of my thoughts recently have been directly related to being the mother of a daughter. For most girls the most influential person in their lives is their mum.
So I have been deliberating about how my focus (or until recently, lack of focus) on my physical appearance. And how it influences her. I have been reading about a UK campaign called "pink stinks" (will add the link in later) it looks at the products available to young girls. I was horrified to see the number of beauty related products for sale directed at the pre-tween age bracket. After watching some of their videos online I went an wandered around the local target toy section. It's scary!!
So now I'm trying to figure out how much of my new "lifestyle" to expose my 3 yer old daughter to? At the moment she thinks lipstick is for covering her dad in kisses and that's all. She hates having her hair brushed let alone pulled back into pigtails or similar. I love that she tells me I'm beautiful when I'm in my pajamas and I want to maintain that childhood innocence.
I knew an 8 year old girl who refused to leave the house unless her mother straightened her fair because she had "ugly hair" Terms she had heard her mother using when about her own hair. Now I never use self deprecating terms anywhere my little madam but kids are like sponges. Does focusing on my outwards appearance more mean I'm damaging my daughter? She isn't aware of the mental journey (god I hate that word!) that goes along with the physical changes.

So I would like to be reassured that I'm not going to have to start saving for therapy now! Tell me I'm over analyzing...PLEASE!

Any what have you done/do that you ou think may damage you little ones?

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  1. Oh gosh I wouldn't even stop to think about what I may have done to that has damaged my girls thought processes. I like to be a bit of an optimist in this respect, I like to think of all the positives that I am bring to them and keeping my focus there.

    On a side note, about the regular writing commitment thing, I have struggled with that at times as well. One of the ways I got around it was by slowly introducing the regular. Rather than every day I would try for once a week, then once every few days then see how I go. Slowly but surely and all that. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you


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