Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is serious blogger an oxymoron?

Hello hello!

Stupidly spent last night online until way too late rather than making the most of having a whole bed to myself for the night and I started thinking while reading some articles about blogging about what sort of direction I would ultimately like Pathetic to Pinup to go in.
While many of my ideas were pretty far fetched on the reality radar (like being sponsored by a pinup clothing company or shoe company to attend blog conferences in Australia and overseas while supplying me with amazing items to test out and giveaway enabling me to be completely decked out to enter miss pinup Australia....Not very likely right!)

I did start to ponder the ideal of a "serious blogger" and if its really an oxymoron much like military intelligence.

Blogging in Australia from all accounts is a vastly different ball game to being a well known blogger in the USA. I'm guessing none of us are making 7 figures a year from blogging alone.

So to be a "serious blogger" in Australia what is the criteria that needs to be met?

I would love to know what should be added to this checklist. (And therefore how I stack up)
Which Australian bloggers would you class as serious bloggers and why?

Hopefully things will get cleared up for me ;)

Much love



  1. Being a serious blogger is almost a full time job from what I understand. I think you need to get involved in a network of some kind like Blog Chicks and I think you need to try and get some guest post spots.
    The blogging I do is all craft related and more for myself so any advice from me you should take with a grain of salt. x

  2. I guess a serious blogger is the type of person who gets things sent to them by companies and writes for books and magazines and gets lots of comments on everything they do. So it's certainly not me! ~_^

    But I personally just like bloggers that are interesting and that post on a kinda regular basis, whether they're serious or not ^_^

  3. I suppose those that do it full time - but I dont know who actually does. Maybe Fat Mum Slim!

    Thanks for linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  4. I suppose we all at some point or two think about this along our blogging journeys :)

    Here's my take on it.... Being serious to me does not mean selling your soul to companies or receiving items to blog about. To me, serious means serious, as in blogging with a purpose, perhaps? My aim is not to get rich or die trying. I'm serious about my blog because I find it rewarding in many ways and I want to continue to reap rewards. My rewards are the connections I make with readers, bloggers, and charity brands. Commercial brands are a bonus. In my case, through seriously blogging I'm gaining something psychologically from my sharing with others who may be in the same boat as me --- working parents, parents with a child with autism, migrants, women (for just being women) and so forth. Serious to me also means keep going forward, make something good out of my blog even if it does or doesn't involve brands. I just bear in mind that in the blogging world I come first, blog (storytelling)second, my readership third, then my networks and supporting bloggers, whereas financial / product rewards will always be last and treated as a TREAT.

  5. I agree with Manda, I see the general opinion is that 'serious' means every day and making some form of income from it. But I think anyone who blogs, and is passionate about their topic, is serious. I certainly find at times blogging and the rest of life (work, family, home, friends) can be quite full on, and I would LOVE to be able to blog every day only...but it's not a reality for me. One day maybe hey? xx

  6. I have been thinking about the serious side of blogging a bit lately as well and you are right FMS is a great role model to see how it can be done! I think if you can get a message across that is useful to readers then that is a great starting point. As for the techo side of things - an about me page, disclaimer, privacy policy and sponsorship info is needed for companies to know you mean business and to cover both their butts and yours!


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