Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Taking it all off...My hair colour. Review and giveaway

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post... However the products used were sent to me as a gift as well as the giveaway product. :)

Now that that is out of the way and I've done the right thing by letting you know how I got the product I used in my hot little hands (Don't you hate when bloggers don't mention that until the end of the post, if they even mention it at all. LAME!)

I was sent a spiffy little package from a hair product company breaking into the Australian market called Jo Baz. From what I can find in google searches its already readily available in the UK but only just making its way into the great southern land.

I was sent 3 boxes. One of max strength hair colour remover, one of normal strength colour remover and their keratin based hair straightening product. The max strength remover is the one I used today.

Jo Baz Max Strength Hair Colour Remover 

Some back story...I have been colouring my hair in some way or another since I was 13. I'm now 26 and have no idea what my natural colour is. My last colour I put in was a black permanent home colour. It had started to fade slightly to dark brown but there was no way I was going to be able to update my colour without growing it out or bleaching it as nothing would have coloured over it.

The JoBaz hair colour remover was easy to use. It gives simple step by step instructions that although they take a while to complete wasn't fussy or complicated. It was super stinky so make sure you use it in a well ventilated area but it was by no means intolerable. And the results were pretty surprising.



My hair feels slightly dryer than usual when wet but no significant damage that I can detect and it still feels soft and silky now that its dry. I didn't even need to put a treatment through!

Now for the fun bit. I have a box of the normal strength colour remover to give away. The catch is that you need to review it for the Jo Baz peeps. So have you had a hair colour fail recently that you need help with or like me you have gone too dark and now want a change?
Comment below with your story and I will announce the winner in 3 weeks time when I review the straightening product (need to give my hair a bit of a rest)
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Jo Baz is available from Priceline in Australia if you want to try it out :)

Much love



  1. I would actually love to try this. Ive been using black for awhile and would like it gone and enjoy my natural color before I start going grey!

  2. I had a massive hair failure recently ; _ ; I went to a new hairdressers to get the tips of my hair dyed blue but what actually happened was that I ended up with lop-sided (one side started near my ear, the other side near my chin), poorly dyed (some parts were still bleach blonde!), light *purple* hair! It looked awful! My new plan is to a) dye my hair all black b) bleach the tips c) recolour - but this time I'll DIY!

    But your hair looks really good! I'm keen to see the straightening treatment as well; I use a hot iron to straighten my hair but it would be interesting to know if the chemical way holds up better in the humidity ^_^

  3. I like the new color. It looks great! I always like the texture of my hair after coloring it. It feels so silky and smooth! Sometimes I color it just so I can feel it that way. :)

  4. I went and grabbed some of the JoBaz colour remover and used it on saturday night worked really really well, I had that many different colours in my hair from the past few years. I was intrigued to see what my 'normal' colour actually was. So after reading the post I decided ok I'll get some, it did make my hair really dry and feel kind of horrible after it was washed out but the colour difference was amazing. I have no re-coloured my hair as like you I get bored easy and the sight of all my grey hairs well it scared me a little too much lol, but after using it i now have an even colour of ruby red through my hair and i love it, first time in about 12 months i have had an even colour in my hair

  5. Long time reader of you Miss Cie, after reading your blog I went and purchased JoBaz colour remover (normal) and it blew my mind !!! yes the smell was horrible but I would much rather smell that then ammonia. I was over the moon with my results and will definitely do it again. It stripped my black and gave me back my brown with red highlights, brightened my blonde and took all the brassy out. I will need to give it another go to strip the last bit of colour out, Im trying to get rid of the old mummy hair to find ME AGAIN .... Im sure shes in there somewhere, PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME FIND HER MISS CIE!!!

    xxoo Tina L


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