Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gomi and Aussie mummy bloggers

Hello all!

Because everyone else is doing it I'm being a "sheeple" (sheep people- someone following the herd) and throwing my 2cents into the ring.

For those out of the loop GOMI stands for "get off my internets" and is a snark forum. (Snark being snide remarks)
There has recently been a topic about Australian mummy bloggers started and many of the big names have been mentioned in fairly unfavorable terms.

It has a heap of panties in a twist in the blogosphere.

It sounds twisted..

(and I know that this wont go down well!)


.... (Pause for effect..)

I love GOMI.

I have read a heap of threads including the one about Aussies and because I adore lists I'm going to tell you why.

(IF you are still reading that is)

1) As a fledgling blogger it pretty much sums up a lot of do's and dont's, especially in regards to transparency of post types (eg sponsored posts vs review posts) It turns out that I'm not alone in my frustration when reading a post on someone's blog and discovering in the fine print at the bottom of the page that it is indeed a sponsored post and financial remuneration was received to post it. Not that I'm against bloggers getting paid for what they do. It's by no means easy money I imagine. However I would like to know in the first line if its a sponsored post (paid for) or a review post (products received) or a mix of both (products and payment)
*note- if you are ever unsure about any of my blog posts and the motive behind them PLEASE leave me a comment and ask!! I would hate to be a hypocrite!

2) I have discovered a heap of fantastic blogs that I would not have found otherwise via the links and naming of them.

3) Mixed in with all the snark is a lot of praise. When something is liked it is shared. (Referred to as SOMI, stay on my internets)

4) Bloggers don't always get a lot of feedback. People just stop reading a lot of the time. It's nice to get an insight as to why.

5) It makes me feel validated in my decision not to include anything about my daughter or husband. Yes I'm currently on top of my high horse but each to their own and what works for some may be a deal breaker for others.

Really I just see GOMI as a giant international brainstorm session and anonymous feedback form. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and by reading them you can learn a lot.

So signing off for tonight. I'm off to google product placement fauxtography ideas (jokes!!)

Much love

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