Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The slipper radius

As the cooler weather starts to give way to the occasional sunny day it's made me think about my winter habits. Specifically my slipper habits.
I feel like the front fence of the house is a impenetrable, enforceable slipper radius. I will not under any circumstance go past this barrier in my slippers. Not even just to duck next door to grab jumper leads for a car battery, the slippers MUST be removed.
When I started over thinking my slipper habits (God I need a hobby or something!) I started to notice that other people have a different slipper line than I do. Slippers at the shops, slippers in the car to drop off older kids to school, slippers just about anywhere.
It made me think about why I originally started this blog.
My braless radius used to be the front door and over the years it got further and further away until the fateful day I went shopping without one (and without shoes! Eeek!)

Maybe that's how the whole rights as pants thing got started, the radius just grew?!

What do you have a radius for? What radius has extended for you?




  1. My radius used to be track pants and no makeup (at least a tinted moisturiser & mascara!!) outside the front door.

    Well, yoga has designated that I have to wear trackies and today I was getting my eyebrows waxed and the doing the food shopping. So I thought 'why on earth would I wear makeup, only to have it stripped off my agony?' hahahaha.xx

  2. My radius was never leaving the house in gym pants, or without make-up, or without my hair being brushed. Never went out the front door without being perfect put together (except for the occasional thongs instead of heels for the walk/train ride to work).

    Then I stopped working and started doing the school run. and for some reason, it takes them 3 times longer to get themselves ready as what it took me to get them BOTH ready for the nanny/daycare. plus the whole "I can't find my homework/lunchbox/hat/shoes" game we play every day, and it's lucky if I've even had a shower for school drop off.

    I am, however, always wearing a bra, and never slippers. I'm all class.

  3. I don't have slippers, that solves that problem. Front door is braless radius. I wonder about wearing pj's and slippers for the school run, it really doesn't take very much time to get dressed in jeans, bra, jumper and shoes and then you don't look like a total slob. No matter how cute your sleep wear it is not street wear I think...


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