Monday, August 6, 2012

The winter blues and pathetic to pinup's very first giveaway!

During the colder months I find that showering is a pain the backside. Once you are under the warm water it's all fine and dandy but the undressing and redressing part sucks! I figure I can't be the only person who feels like this. To make you shower time a little more uplifting during the winter months, today I'm offering the first ever giveaway on Pathetic to pinup and this one comes with a story as well.

During a coffee date catch up with Yvette from Delightfully Tacky Lil Squirts and Chantel from Bossy Mummy in Fremantle a couple of weeks ago I wandered past a delicious smell in the freo markets near town hall.
After doing a bit of weird circle laps, much the same as my dog does when she has dropped her smacko. I discovered the cutest little soap stall with lots of lovely sample cuts in front of the full sized soaps.
While I was filling my olfactory system with as many scrummy smells as I could the man behind the stall insisted I take some samples home while explaining to me how the stall works.
It's run by a not for profit company called SMP that provides employment for people with various disabilities. All the soaps are hand made and sold at the market stall by participants to give them skills, independence and employment. (FANTASTIC program in my eyes. Anything that supports peeps with disabilities in the local community is a winner by my standards.)

While we were talking he added one of all four varieties of sample soaps they had in to a paper bag for me.
I was so impressed with the beautiful smells and the fantastic not for profit program (and the guilt of him giving me more samples than I felt was my fair share) I let him know that I write a small local blog and after trying out the soaps I would give the stall a bit of a plug.
All of a sudden full sized soaps and bags of scented soap shavings for wardrobes are being added to my paper bag of trial goodies.

So that's the bit that benefits you guys

I have tried out my little sample bars and they are delish. Lemongrass is my personal fave. (Planning on heading down on Friday to buy me some more actually) They are scented but not over powering, pretty colours too!

I have 4 full sized bars of OPASS handmade soap and an organza bag of soap shavings to scent your wardrobe or use as a scrub bag thing in the tub. Whatever you choose.
The 4 scents are Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Musk and Lavender.

There will unfortunately be only one winner this time and the must be within Australia. Sorry international people.

To win you will need to like me on Facebook, twitter or on google follow (if you don't use all three that's ok, whichever ones you do use is fine)
Let me know in a comment where you have liked me AND in the same comment leave me a funny tidbit or story about soap, showering or lack thereof. The best answer wins. (will be chosen by some random member in my house I can pin down for a second. Probably MIL)
Comp closes on the 1st of September at 9am Perth Time.

You can find SMP OPASS soaps at the Fremantle markets near town hall on Fridays and Saturday's or contact SMP on (08) 9317 3155 or on Facebook (

This is NOT a sponsored post. The samples I received are available to everyone and anyone who goes to the freo markets.



  1. oh my they look absolutely gorgeous... i had a lemongrass soap years and years ago they were just divine. Alas, no funny soap stories here... just that we do indeed use it ;)


  2. facebooked liked and I think I'm following you on twitter. Man that sounds creepy right I'm following you haha and hey I like you as well lol. any way about showering man I'm great, I've got my showers down to 3mins that washing body, hair and shaving. Oh and I love my baths it's been 3 years as every time I tried little miss would say yay WE are having a bath hmmm but I had one a few weeks ago amazing and as she is 6 now she never asked just said you never have baths mum just showers lol, Oh a mother can't win.

  3. Facebook Liked.... :)

    When I was living in the UK I discovered a delightful little shop in a small town in Yorkshire that sold soap designed to look like cakes! Suffice to say I had to get...some and took some over to my godchildren's mother. It proudly went on display in the bathroom. All was good until 4yr old Millie came downstairs crying a little later on with something smeared around her mouth - she'd seen the soap, thought it was cake and tried to eat it! Thankfully nothing meaningful was consumed and a new cake soap is on display out of reach..... She hadn't even been naughty to warrant to soapy mouth wash either.....

  4. What a great initiative! I follow you on google.

    I didn't use soap for years and years, then I started running and body odour became a nightmare. I love yummy soaps!

  5. Pretty sure that I have all three bases covered (I'm a stalker like that) Now a funny soap story...hmmm, I once had chocolate smelling soap that a child tried to eat. Well it was sort of funny

  6. That sounds like a fantastic initiative, and sweet-smelling soaps are just lovely aren't they? I have a drawer full of them, each in it's own special little package, complete with logo of a fancy hotel.

  7. We are Twitter and Instagram friends, and now I've followed you via Networked Blogs, Friend Connect and I've liked your FB as myself and as my Kimba Likes page :) Phew, that's quite a list!

    Oh, I love prettily scented soaps! I received a beautiful one for my birthday recently and I'm keeping it in it's fancy box for a while, as it scents my bathroom so beautifully.

  8. I have shared on Facebook, and follow via e-mail.

    Freshmint soap containing actual mint pieces. Got stopped at a Customs desk. Guess what the Customs inspector thought that the green mint was?

  9. Yay for the first give-away! These look fabulous.

    I'm pretty sure I follow along on Facebook and definitely have you on Tiwtter. But the best thing I could think of to share about soap was this old post from the blog. You're welcome. :P

  10. Following facebook and gfc !!! thanks
    Soap being a must in our household, lots of boys. I tend to be getting a pet hate towards it!! As all my boys are hairy and hubby it sticks to the soap and makes me feel quite ill, I have now put a sign in my our bathroom, stating, If you leave hair on the soap you can wash your own clothes!!!! It seems to be working lol x

  11. I google follooooooow!

    Imperial Leather reminds me of my best friend back in Primary School - her family used to always but them in bulk and I think they are still using them today.

  12. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 14, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    Like you on facebook
    I worked in an office once where a lot of the customers didn't shower, no one that did shower could possibly smell that bad! One of the ladies I worked with used to spray glen 20 around to try to overpower the stink, but B.O and glen 20 mixed together is a mighty powerful smell itself!

  13. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 14, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    Sorty, joined by google friends instead of facebook

  14. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 14, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    Sorry followed you on google

  15. Oh I love these sorts of businesses! My soap story is about a shampoo/conditioner. When I was awkwardly 13 or so, I read in a magazine that mayo was a good hair conditioner so I tried washing my hair with it. Days later I was STILL fully greased out ... it was bad. Very, very bad.

    theaussiemommy (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. facebook friend. not too long ago, l was attempting to bath my 3 kids at my mum's place. they have a pretty fancy, old fashioned sort of bathroom with high ceilings and a claw foot bath. their tap fitting for the bath has a hand held attachment that you can take off too. so l've gone to run bath, turned water on expecting all to be good and it just come out of tap but instead it squirts out hand held thingy so fast it knocks it off the thing it rests on and like a mad snake, squirts hot water all around the bathroom!! my yelling had everyone running!! the roof dripped for a long while afterwards coz was too high for us to dry properly with anything.

  17. caden_lilliana@hotmail.comAugust 14, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    I am a facebook follower!! When i was pregnant I loved the smell of this green soap, i cant even remember what it was called now, maybe norsca, i used to carry a bar around with me and just sniff it!!! Everyone thought i was crazy!!! It was just so devine!!!

  18. Follow on Facebook & GFC & Email Subscriber

    All of my friends know that I love the little fancy hotel soaps. I have fancy schmancy soaps from London to Dubai and everywhere in between. One friend brought me back toilet paper from Hong Kong. Now, that's NOT a gift I want to encourage.


  19. I follow on FB and GFC
    My grandfather bought me AVON soaps as treats when I was a little girl. I now have about 50 x boxed soaps that are so gorgeous. They are shaped like trains, they have gorgeous pictures on them, they are shaped like hearts, like playing cards, like shepherds, and so the list goes on. They get lugged from house to house when we what point do I use them?

  20. Woohoo Cie! What a great competition and what a fabulous story. I'm with you, anything that helps promote the importance people from all walks of life have to offer, is wonderful. Can't wait to see what the winning entry is!

    Kel x

  21. Following via GFC (Jessie Hay)

    My teenage son when he was living at home had the worst BO around- and getting him in the shower nearly impossible. He seemed to have an aversion to deodorant and despite me doing the washing everyday his clothes were nowhere to be seen. I'm very sensitive to smells so it drove me nuts.
    The funniest thing happened at Christmas time when he opened his presents- every single one (from different people) was shower gel and deodorant! hahaha His face was priceless!!
    I must say in his defence that he is much better these days :)

  22. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

    I haven't bought soap in about five years or more! That makes it sound like I don't use it, but actually I just got a whooooole lot of it as gifts. I prefer to think that they just don't know what to buy me, rather than the alternative. You know, the alternative where they think I don't wash myself properly and that I'm smelly. :S

    I have a drawer in my bathroom that's just for soap and body wash, and I think we probably have about another 6 months worth in there, if nobody buys me more in the meantime! ;)

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  23. Facebook liked :)

    I have a 5 year old daughter just like you, she hates any type of bathing in winter, it is too cold!, to cold to get undressed and too cold when you get out...the only way I can entice her into the bath is with my fancy bath soaps.

    cheers Chela Mega

  24. Google friend

    Whem my son was young he use to take ages in the shower..he had a fascination with soaping up every tile, wall, glass sliding door! The soap bars disappeared very quick! But he still came out dirty..go figure?!

  25. Competition is now closed!!!

    I will be organising a judge shortly and will contact the winner over the next few days :)


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