Sunday, August 5, 2012

Perth vintage market and my thoughts on the rise of vintage style.

On Sunday I dragged little madam and hubby into the city to check out a vintage sale in Northbridge.

After a bit of a hike we eventually found it. Little madam made themselves comfy on an AstroTurf covered lounge and I headed inside for a look.

They weren't waiting long, about 10 mins.
What was advertised as a GIGANTIC vintage sale consisted of 3 long racks of only of 70s, 80's and late 90's clothing (with a couple of 60's items thrown in as well)
Not my kind of thing at all. The 80's especially should be left in the past and everyone should try and forget the fashion of the era ever existed!
It was super popular with other people, judging by the armfulls of clothing being hauled around by shoppers.
But not the right fit for me.

The Polkadot Vintage market is coming up on the 18th and 19th of August and has 300 stalls signed up for this one.
I think I have a better chance of finding items that A) fit me and B) are the right fit for a pinup look. (If you are a stallholder at the market reading this please hide everything in my size for me ok! Lol)

I love that vintage fashion is becoming mainstream. There are so many people rocking vintage items in their everyday outfits and looking amazing. But for some people this snippet of advice is called for and very much needed. Just because something is old doesn't make it vintage, even if it is vintage it doesn't make it stylish! Choose items that suit you. Don't pay "vintage" prices for an old store brand item that wasn't fashionable or particularly good quality when it was originally produced.
(Ending my mini rant now...promise)

I would love to know if Perth has any rockabilly specific events. I know Sydney and various areas of QLD do. If anyone has any details please let me know. :)

How do you feel about the vintage resurgence in Australia fashion? Do you wear vintage items?

Much love


  1. I LOVE Vintage, I have a terylene(sp?) mini dress from the 1960's which is good for maternity wear, normal wear, still looks brand new and I will still be rocking with when I am a Nanna. I really only wear second hand clothing anyway and being an hourglass (when not pregnant) I find it hard to get clothes that fit- but Vintage stuff (esp. 1940's to early 1960's) is cut for my shape and size. Another great thing with vintage is everyone wears there own pieces their own way and style so you don't end up looking like everyone else!

  2. I completely agree I didn't like 80's fashion the first time around so it should never have made any sort of comeback.
    However I am (a wee bit) of a hippy/alternate lover so throw the hemp mixes my way!

  3. I was going to go to this vintage sale but I have a spending ban on clothes this month due to my op shop challenge. I like vintage but like you I see a lot of crap here. In London and Japan I've seen amazing vintage items but Perth seems to just have a lot of clothes my grandmother wore in the 80's - not cool!

    I also don't wear head to toe vintage. I still want to look modern and not in costume.

  4. Awesome post Cie, and all too true. I am really loving the resurgence in vintage style, I just wish it was a bit more accessible to my size. I think vintage/opshop/retro style allows you to really create your own, individual style and to wear it with pride! As you know I was also a bit disappointed with the sale recently, I kept hunting through the Japanese import dresses, just hoping there would be a few golden items that did up around the bust...but to no avail. Hopefully we can start making some curvy vintage connections! Kel :)

  5. Hmm, a little subjective to criticise 80,s vintage.Many younger guys and gals are really into 80,s the way some older types might crave 60,s or 70,s. Who are we to judge...Young students can't afford to blow massive dollars on rare items and so markets like 'Gigantic' cater for the sub 50 dollar crowd. There are too many Japanese dress derivitives around Perth though!

  6. hi 50s and 60s clothes are pretty hard to find and you probably wont find many sellers of vintage giving them away for $49 or less. ive sold clothes for a number of years in perth and started selling at the Burlesque mkt in northbridge. You imagine it would be a mecca for 50s babes, it was not. Many vendors including myself struggled to sell 50s and 60s.
    As a seller you want to make some money from your passion for vintage and what sells at the moment is not vintage! Young kids love the 80s and 90s, for them its something unique and funky.
    Ive ran a retail business and hve tried to find sizes for women over a size 14 but many vintage dresses are unflattering and made of polyester not nice!
    As for the qualiy and variety in Perth, I would say we are on a level with anything from overseas.
    Im originally from the London and know how expensive vintage can be! Ive travelled through Europe over the last few years and have seen the crap they call vintage, it makes me appreciate the hardwork that vintagesellers in Perth go through to find decent clothes to sell.
    As a seller you cant please everyone but for the vast majority of people who have come to bakery to buy a bargain hve left with one!

  7. Just because this ONE vintage sale event didn't have anything I was after doesn't mean I wont be heading to the next one, and the one after.

    Isn't that the thrill of vintage shopping? That sometimes you leave empty handed, other times you hit a gold mine of things that are perfect for you.

    You win some, you lose some...right?!

  8. "Vintage" refers to anything before 1970. From then on, it's called "retro". I believe pre 1930s is called "antique" but there are different schools of thought on this.

    I have trouble finding as many vintage bargains now. Luckily there is much vintage inspired fashion out there now. Some even for girls with boobs! :)

  9. I'm trying to bring vintage back by having a new categorie "Pin-up Photography' making it affordable for all.
    Check it out> am from Perth!

  10. I agree. The rise of vintage is certainly a welcome sight, although there are some styles that are best left in the past and forgotten. I just hope people choose the ones that don’t look too far-fetched and over-accessorized. I’ve always had the belief that less is more, especially when it comes to clothes. Anyways, have fun vintage shopping! – Carole


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