Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spooks, it's not just a TV show.

I once had a job that was so secret I didn't even know what it was yet an I was already signed into a 6 year contract and training for it.

In 2007 I joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as a young, not quite innocent as I should be, 21 year old. I had my pick of jobs due to my aptitude testing scores
(yeah I know, Talking myself up! It's my blog so I there!)

The job I ended up in was as an Electronic warfare linguist which changed names after I started to crypto logical linguist or something equally exciting sounding.

I was trained and prepped for 9 months
(I submitted my discharge super early after I discovered I was pregnant with little madam, two parents in defence with possible deployments would have been far too challenging!)

For 9 months I lived, ate, breathed my job.
I did an intensive 6 month course in Indonesian and how to specially speak/write/understand military Indonesian language. (lots of acronyms!) None of which I can remember anymore.

Even now, over 4 years later I'm still no closer to finding out exactly what my job was!

I had a job that I wasn't given a description of what it involved. Just lots of vague details.

I was what's commonly know in the defence force as a spook. It's all very secret squirrel.
Even people who have been in defence for years have no idea exactly why they do, it's lots of small dark locked rooms apparently.

However this wasn't the strangest job I've ever had, but more on that another time. :)

Has anyone else ever had a job that the description and reality were vastly different?


  1. I had a job that was a bit 'don't ask, don't tell' - on another note, hello Bali shopping buddy, now that I know you can hold your own on the pool bar cocktails front AND tell me what they're saying while I'm trying to haggle an awesome bargain!

  2. My husband would be very jealous! He has always wanted to work as a spook in the defense forces!!

    With my current job I was told I would be doing one thing and then when I showed up I turned out to be doing something completely different which was more than a bit disappointing!


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