Monday, August 13, 2012

Obsessed with something oh so wrong.

Today I'm linking up with Lauren at The Surprise Beginning for Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Monday's Blog Hop.

The Surprise Beginning

Am I the only person who gets obsessed with things that really don't work for them and cannot let the idea go even though I know it's potentially bad for me.

I'm not talking about men or diets. I'm talking about fashion trends.

At the moment I have a fixation on leather look tights. I know I will never ever wear them but I can't help it.
I can think of a million different ways to style them, in my dream outfits however I have the same body as Miranda Kerr.
The reality is that I have short chunky stumpy legs and even If I was brave enough to buy a pair I would probably have to wear them all scrunched up to get all that fabric onto my limited length.

To get my PVC fix in check I purchased a leather look skirt from eBay.

It's sat in a drawer since I got it, I'm too afraid to wear it.

My inner fashionista has deserted me again, she's probably run off somewhere to shop and drink cocktails, most likely Thailand somewhere. Bitch.

Why is it that most up to the minute trends aren't that nice in reality?
 The idea is fabulous but when you put it on to head to the local shops you feel overdone and pathetic.

On the other hand, I was VERY against coloured skinny jeans (on me, love them on others who can rock them)
Last week I purchased a pinky-red pair....lets just say I am now a convert! I love them!
(and notice they are the perfect length for short legs!)

What have you purchased because you love the idea but the reality freaks you out?
Have you ever disliked something, fashion wise, and been swiftly converted?


  1. Cie why won't you wear them?! I think you would rock some leather pants!! Do it!!!

    Also those colored Skinnys look great! Where did you get them from? Xx

    1. These ones are from Kmart ($15!!!!) I love them but had to go up a size as they have a super short rise (not alot of bum/crotch coverage and was putting me in potential camel toe territory!)

  2. I have seen those jeans everywhere. I'm more of a black person. I like my black clothing. No particular reason for the colour. But if I do find a pair of purple jeans I'll be buying them.

    1. I usually wear ALOT of black at it was getting a bit boring. Kmart had ones the same as mine in purple, I was tossing up between colours and will probably invest in another pair soon...maybe bright blue!

  3. I bought some leather trimmed ponte pants by CR, which I really loved but didn't want to spend all that cash on, for $15 at my local op shop! They're the best compromise for me! Witchery did some too. You might get lucky and get some on eBay or at an opshop. They say dry clean only but I've been gentle washing them in the machine all winter and they're absolutely fine! :)

    Do love coloured jeans. I'm buying the yellow ones this week. Only $31 from Target! :)

  4. You can't be against coloured skinny jeans, it's like being against the SUN! Haha. Welcome to the light side. ;)

    I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to wear something or own something that really is probably never going to work for you, even if it's just because you feel a little mad wearing them. But sometimes, you just have to. HAHA.

  5. You must wear it and link up with the evidence next week! I double dare you! x

  6. I want leather look pants too!! Am also in love with colored denim. Saw an ad for them $25 at Jay Jays... Definitely see a trip to JJs in my future!

  7. This made me laugh-your inner fashionista might have disserted you but she may come back with a case of sunburn and need cooling leather on her skin ha ha. I really love the colour of your jeans and have a couple of pairs of pastel jeans.

    Tanesha x

  8. Ya huh! Skinny leg and me just don't go together - makes my thighs look ten bajillion times bigger than they are. I'm afraid if I did wear them, my thighs would be mistaken for a bench seat and people would attempt to sit on me.
    I bought orange pants last week. They are the same style as the pink pair I bought two weeks ago. Enough said.


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