Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1- Dude looks like a lady!

Because it's only day one we might start off gentle and ease into all the hard hitting stuff about self esteem and yummy Vs slummy mummies. Save those for the post festive season when the collective seasonal hangover is a distant memory!

Many of life's lessons are learnt by accident. Some of these lessons are learnt as children, some aren't learnt until later in life.

Today I learnt that bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to eye lashes.
I attempted to apply false lashes today. My 3yo daughter told me while giggling, "you're not a lady!!" while my husband snickered to himself.
So before I took a photo of my doe eye, drag queen look I thought I would trim them a bit. Rookie mistake. Apparently my real eyelashes are longer than I though and I took the tips off them. Oppsie! Any how heres a post trim pic.

And my question for today. What the heck should I do about my eyebrows??!!

Hope you are all having a great first day of 2012!



  1. I would say RE eyebrows get them done at a good beautician, you can get them waxed threaded what ever they will know the best shape for you.
    not everyone will look great in thin curved eyebrows and when your there ask them how to maintain them as well.

  2. so this is what you were going on about the other day! oh deary dear lol


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