Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11- Rocking the rockhole

So my plan to post this yesterday afternoon didn't come to pass. We had a busy day. The 3 of us went out to buley rockhole in the litchfield national park (100ish km south west of Darwin) and went for a swim in the beautiful semi natural pools (some modification has been done around the edges for safety) and had a picnic. As it was quite busy and little miss wasn't feeling 100% we went off to have a look at Florence falls and then headed home.
We will definitely head back out there again again before we leave the NT. will be going out earlier in the day to avoid the heat

As for little miss not feeling very well. We have been having a heap of issues with constipation. We have been using the nuddie method of toilet training and she's fantastic with her wees but hold her poos until she's completely blocked up and in pain. If anyone has some gentle suggestions on how we can help her with this please leave me a comment below. (we have tried all the dietary suggestion we can find but it seems to be a psychological thing for her...Afraid to poo on the toilet or potty for some reason. I hate seeing her in pain!


Have added a pic of Florence falls :)

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  1. As a nanny, when it got bad I put my charge in front of a great DVD, gave a baby bottle and sat on the potty. It gave her lots of comfort and out it came :-)

    One of my charges had lots of toilet issues. We think it was mainly stress.


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