Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3- Have a bit of dust!

Today I joined weight watchers. I wasnt really planning on it but a friend said she was going today and I figured, what harm can it do!! Turns out I'm 5kg heavier than I was at the doctors before Xmas. Bugger!! But at least I'm acknowledging it, usually I just pretend it's not happening as has become my way over the last few years in regards to my weight and body image. I'm like a mushroom. I keep myself in the dark and feed myself bullshit! The aim is to lose just over 30kg. But will focus on 5kg blocks for now.

To leave you with a photo for this evening, here's a pic I took on my phone at 2am this morning of a lightning strike during a very busy electrical storm.


(note- the blog title is in reference to fat fighters in the tv series " Little Britain" very funny!!)

1 comment:

  1. It was a very electrical storm wasnt it and the thunder was SO loud, it shook the house and woke up Saxon so i thought it was time to head to bed. 2am, I think we need to fix our sleeping
    Great Pic. xo


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