Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 - ooppsie daisy!

Today I had a day of pure teenage angst mixed in with a whole heap of body hatred and a pinch of how the hell did this happen!! I think the results of the scales at the fat fighters...opps I mean weight watchers meeting shook me more than I cared to admit. I've gained over 15kg since my friend Fi's beautiful wedding in April. I worked so hard to lose it and it all came back and found me and brought along a couple of friends to party on my backside.

The basic idea of weight watchers is each food is worked out to have a set number of points and based on your age, weight, height and gender you get a number of points for the day.
At the moment I get 30 points per day.
Today I consumed over 80 points.
I could make all the excuses in the world like
-I'm doing the grocery shopping tomorrow and the fridge is looking empty.
-PMS makes me crave crappy food
- The day ended with the letter Y
And so on.
But truth be told I have just stopped thinking about what I'm putting in my mouth. It's not until I started writing it all down. Scary stuff!!

At least I know where I went wrong an can correct my mistakes tomorrow.

Do you keep a food journal? How do you think it helps you keep on top of your food intake?




  1. I keep a food journal & it's awesome! You can also try my fitness pal which is an app or you can access an account online. If you have a scanner on your phone you can scan your tin of tuna or muesli bar and all the nutritional info will come up. You can search for any food item you can thnk of and its there! You just put in everything you eat and it tells you how many calories you have left for the day. Calorie counting isn't for me but this makes it super easy! It also puts your daily and weekly food into a graph and tells you how much of each food group you're eating and where you need to cut back or eat more. I recommend it!

  2. i have just been thinking about a food diary, i think flylady has one called control journal... look her up shes cool, hmmmm i think ill start, will you post yours so i can see if im normal?

  3. I JUST downloaded my Fitness Pal Ezz. Just have to put it on my phone.

    No1pearlgirl- i can post my food diary if you would like... may not make you feel normal...i eat some weird stuff lol!


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