Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12 - shit happens.

(This is a bit of a follow on from day 11)

I got an amazing sleep in this morning and was woken up by little miss at around 9am crying,standing next to my side of the bed, saying she had done a poo. (fair enough! Just a normal start to the day!) her bedroom. So hopped up and assured her that it was ok, accidents happen and we can just clean it worries.
Turns out the poor little duffer had finally worked the contents of her bowel loose (yay! Finally!!) but the parachoc we had been giving her to help soften things up had worked TOO well on everything behind the initial solid bit. There was poo from one end of my house to the other. It had leaked out of her nappy and down her legs and had dropped with every step she had taken to come and tell me. She was devastated!! She had tried to clean up the original mess and had managed to spread it out. So stripped her off to get her rinsed off in the shower and the nappy exploded as I removed it (another poo puddle!!) 30 minutes, two rolls of toilet paper and a steam mopping it was all gone. But our house had a definite smell of fecal matter for most of today.

At least little missy feels much better today!

So today has definitely NOT fallen in with my pin-up plan! Lol. The glamours of being a parent right??

What is the most disgusting/amusing/ icky/horrifying scene you have encountered that your kid/s have created? (or witnessed other peoples children create)



Ps. I promise that not all my blog posts will about shit...hehe.

(I did consider taking a photo but decided NO ONE needed to see that!!)


  1. I cared for a 99 yr old who walked all day around the house with trickling poo. After 8 hours or so of this non stop walking I called her family in, as I was worried she was going to collapse. Same thing.... hard poo blocking all that soft stuff the meds had caused. It was everywhere. When the doc came and helped her out she slept like an angel. She was sooo exhausted...

  2. Have you tried pear juice? It works really well.


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