Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2- Out with the old!

What a busy busy day!!
I tackled my wardrobe today. Wasn't looking forward to that at all!

Once upon a time my wardrobe was my pride and joy. A dazzling array of amazing outfits, shoes and accessories that all made me look amazing....And all fit!
Since having my daughter I have gained 30kg. I have worked my butt off to lose it only to get frustrated with the very minimal results after months and months of hard work and slack off. Diets and drugs (prescription) have failed as well. I have recently discovered that I have pcos (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) which has most likely attributed to at least part of this.
So instead of hanging onto the past (and my size 8 jeans) anything that ...
A) Didn't fit (except for the goal clothes that are neatly packed away! Every woman has these...Right ??!)
B) Didn't suit or
C) Didn't fit with the me I want to be and the style of dress I want to wear or
D) All of the above, went out!! (or dumped in a huge pile in my bedroom until tomorrow when I have to photograph them to list for sale anyhow.) I also ditched the shoes that hurt, look the same as at least two other pairs I own or are just not my thing.
It was surprisingly stressful while I was doing it. It was like being forced to recognize that I'm not the same person I used to be, and I don't just mean the shape of my body!
Once I had finished it was liberating! I had loads of free space and could see exactly what I owned. (which turns out to be alot of winter things! Not so useful in Darwin!!)

So as today draws to a close I'm off to bed.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this journey, its a hard slog, im inspired to do the same cull, but im scared... scared of having an empty wardrobe, scared of only having a few things that i really wear, scared ill need that old crap for gardening when its hot, and those shorts for painting, and those are for hiking, and thats winter for when (ill never) i move east (in my dreams) and clothes im keeping for when i finish breastfeeding, which is hopefully over a year away.... should i ditch it all? im supposed to be saving money, ONE DAY ill have to buy it again.... agh, i totally get the stressfulness of cull! xx


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