Monday, July 2, 2012

Anti-fashion? Or just a cry for help? :)

Most women learn to present themselves using fashion and dressing to suit their body in their late teens and early early 20s. 
I did the same. I worked out that my boobs and shoulders should be shown off and that I preferred to mostly keep my legs covered (not because I actually had bad legs, although I thought so at the time, but because you show of your best assets and keep the rest covered to avoid looking cheap) 
I got married at 21. I was a size 6/8 and I was super duper fit. Going for a 5km run after work every day was my debrief, a way to separate work and life. (At the time I was in the defence force so I literally LIVED at work so needed separation of the two) 
Then I feel pregnant. 
I was scared of exercising and made the mistake many first time mothers make, I stopped exercising. 
I gained the normal pregnancy weight and probably a little bit extra. Not as much as I felt like I had gained. 
I gave birth to my daughter, I was exhausted but couldn't wait until the six weeks post partum was up so I could go for a run. 
I ran when I could, I ate ok I suppose, not perfect but not terribly and yet the weight wouldn't budge. 

In the past 4 years of my daughters life I have sweated, starved, sworn at the lack or results. Taken heavy duty amphetamine based prescription weight loss tablets and still not much of a change. 

I'm now a size 14/16. I was 53.3kg at 12 weeks pregnant. I'm now 86.3kg. 
I am now at least aware that I'm battling against hormones and insulin levels that come with pcos...BUT... That still leaves me with a problem...

I have no idea how to dress my new shape. 

I have looked at so many fashion blogs. High fashion, thrifty fashion, plus sized fashion. My problem is I can't find another fashion blog anywhere that relates to me. I'm short (only 159cm) I'm not "curvy" or tall enough for the plus sized outfits to work on my body, and the high fashion outfits I adore won't work unless I was 30kg lighter. So where to now? 

Usually one would grab a bunch of girlfriends and ask them their opinion. My problem is after living in 6 different state capitals all over Australia in 6 years my girlfriends are spread far and wide. 

So what's this go to do with anti-fashion blogging? 

I guarantee I'm not the only woman who feels this way. I KNOW I'm not!

So I'm going to start appealing to all my girls far and wide and all the ones I haven't met yet to help me. For the love of the sisterhood help me!!! 

I'm going to post photos of me in 3 different variations of outfit based around a key item each time and I need your god honest opinions. Which ones work and which ones don't and why. It will teach me and in the process teach other women how to dress themselves again! 

Thoughts? You keen? 

Now I need to think of a name for this game. 

Much love. 


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  1. Well I'd love to say I'd help you on this one but I'm about as fashionable as my daughter. I love the idea of posting the three pics, you might be able to teach me a thing or two.


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