Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wombats on the loose in Perth??!!

Hello hello!

You know how I said I was going to write a post about the event I was heading off to...and then I never did it...well here is all the details.

And I must say I have a bloody good excuse for not writing when I said I would. Little madam had school Friday so I figured I had a heap of time....WRONG! She spent an entire 20mins at school before I had to pick her up. The munchkin is sick.

I'm a terrible mother because my first thoughts were Noooo! I'm not missing my chance for a night out!

Luckily she wasn't THAT sick. Nothing a quiet day in PJs and lots of fluids couldn't fix.

So when hubby got home from work and I had finished applying my face we bundled her into the nice warm car and I was promptly delivered to Black Toms Bar in west Perth with promises that I wouldn't call to be picked up again at some ungodly hour.

It was the W.O.M.B.A.T Xmas in July drinks.
That sounds boring as bat shit it k ow BUT W.O.M.B.A.T stands foWebsite and Online Media, Bloggers and Tweeps. It is a social group supporting online media personalities in Perth  A group of Local bloggers in a room with pre paid booze! Well then it's on like donkey kong!

I was terrified before arriving. My modest little blog is nothing like some of the others going. I felt very out of my element. There was actually talk on facebook the day before from Chantel from BossyMummy about hiding in the toilets tweeting because of the nerves so I knew I wasn't the only one a bit scared. (

Turns out there was no reason to be worried. A glass of Bubbly was swiftly offered on arrival by the lovely Colin from Associate woman/super parents and introductions were made. The first people I met was Karen from Yellow Dandy Dreams who was a blog event virgin like me and Taryn from This Is Taryn who had done it all before and helped to put me at ease

Taryn  on the left, Karen on the right  and ME smack bang in the middle 

It was interesting as I'm still not 100% over my flu bug and trying to talk over a loud bar with what felt like two maxi tampons in my sinuses wasn't easy. I'm sorry to anyone there that couldn't understand a word I said and were just nodding politely. Your manners were impeccable!

After everyone had arrived and the glasses had been refilled a couple of times Colin introduced us to Katrina  from Bubbler our lovely sponsor for the evening (along with Nuffnang and Digital Parents Australia) and the lucky door prize was drawn Felicakes from My Life In Mono, I'm so jealous of your prize!
Colin and Felicakes

Around this time the big group of people wearing name tags attracted the attention of a very drunk "Ricky Gervais" lookalike who threw himself at our neat stack of gift boxes. He was wrangled by Georgia of Parental Parody and Glow of Where's my glow and luckily no boxes were harmed.

Jules from The Bumpiest Path, Taryn's AMAZING hair , "Ricky Gervais" and I

Glow with the wall of gift boxes, Lani from Me & Boo on the left and Sarah from  Dear Baby G

Yvette from Delightfully Tacky Lil Squirts has a heap of other pics on her post about the night HERE

There was lots of laughing and frivolity after that then all of a sudden it was time for this Cinderella to head home,sadly it was a couple of hours before midnight... but after a week of very little real food, a generous helping of cold and flu tablets mixed with all the wine I probably would have turned into a pumpkin if I had stayed out until then! And orange isn't a good colour on me!

More cowgirl than Pumpkin!

Ms Glow and I.... No more wine for me!

After I left things continued for a bit... not sure what I missed But I'm positive that there will be lots of stories coming out in everyone's blogs. :)
Kim (in the hat) and Glow

I had a great night.... Now when's the next one?!!



  1. Cie I'm slightly in love with you after meeting you the other night. Particularly after you put on the cowboy hat. Where did that hat even come from?!?!

  2. Kim and I found it outside and kinda just claimed ownership. A random guy we were talking to said it was someone he worked with and they had gone home without it. Score!
    I have to admit when you arrived I had a bit of a starstruck moment. I've been reading your blog for a while and it was nice to meet the person behind the words.
    Just prior warning. Hopefully next time there is another meetup I won't be crook and will likely be more nuts and inappropriate. I will just have to remember to BYO props as I doubt there will be a second cowboy hat find.

  3. I think that you are super lucky to have made such amazing friends through blogging! I hope that somehow one day I will have been as lucky as you! :)

    1. Hi Lisa. I highly recommend joining digital parents Australia. (it's linked in the blog, just click on the words) there are local groups all over Australia and everyone is super friendly and give great advice and suggestions. I'm off to check out your blog :)


  4. I couldn't even tell that you were sick, you hid it well!! So nice to meet you! Until next time, Karen xx

  5. So lovely to meet you and to find your blog! I will finish up my post in my lunch break and link up :)

    1. Have linked up! HAs a bit of other stuff in it too, but mainly Friday night xx

  6. Look at all you gorgeous people! So hard to get Melbourne peeps organised for a get-togetherm unless it's a brand event. Looks like you had a lot of fun :-)

  7. hahaha youre new best friend 'taryn' ! does that make me the 'the old friend tarryn' now? lol

  8. Haha I love the way your new friends talk about you
    I am kinda in love with you as well xx

  9. I'm late with my follow up, lol I'm ALWAYS late but I call it tactical and life with 8 kids hmmm maybe that's a new blog title heehee. It was a GREAT night even if I did catch the end of the food chain and a drunken flirt. Loved meeting you and the other awesome Perth bloggers. Am I biased in saying that I think Perth Bloggers do it best! lol Watch out Australia!


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