Monday, July 9, 2012

A blog post about blogging... How very original!

Hi everyone

Was back at the gym today for the first time in a fortnight. My body now hates me for the time off and then the subsequent flogging it received today. Ugh

This Isn't my first blogging rodeo. Used to write a blog (which I have now removed) when my daughter was much younger.
It was very much a mummy blog.
The title contained the word mummy, almost every post was about motherhood and parenting. It had a rather large following on Facebook (well over 2000 people) and on the blog as well. The problem wasn't the blog. It was me! I changed as a mother, a blogger and as a person. The path I had started down wasn't right for me.
I wasn't as passionate about pushing my slightly crunchy parenting philosophies anymore and one particular political ideals post almost cost me a number of real friendships.
It was at this point that I shut it all down and vowed I was never going to blog again!!

I suck at keeping promises. Obviously.

However this time it's intentionally different. I will never post a photo of my daughter and I will never name or post a photo of my husband. This is because he said NO and she doesn't understand and can't really consent.

It's not a comment on the trust I place on you guys but it's a public blog and anyone can see this. I would also be in HUGE trouble if anything I had written on here, got hubby into trouble with work...Its what pays the bills!

So I'm sorry if anyone was hoping for cute kid photos in the future (she is super cute I promise!) but it's just not going to happen. You will just have to put up with my random almost daily ramblings about other stuff and junk.

I blog because I love it. It gives me a way to declutter my thoughts and attempt to quieten my brain for a few minutes. I admit I do get a huge thrill when I get an email about a new comment. I read every single one and promise to respond to any questions you ever ask.

Much love.


  1. I also read this post- Very interesting and makes me feel more validated in my decision.

  2. Wow Cie, I was so saddened to read that some of the reasoning for closing your last blog down was due to the dislike of your blog opinions. I guess no matter how much we think we know those close to us, sometimes we just don't (esp when it comes to politics & money!). But then I hear you when it comes to the possibility that you needed a change in blog too! I was reading a blog recently (sevencherubs I think is her name) about losing her spark for blogging and whether or not she should carry on. It was really heartfelt. I'll try and find it for you (if you haven't read it that is!) But I'm extremely glad you have put yourself back on the blogosphere coz yours is so fabulously down to earth and relevant. I love it! Kel x


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