Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing Catch Up.

Hey everyone.

Sorry for the absence. Again.

Lots has happened in the past week, little madam started school 2.5 days a week. She loves it. But because I had 2.5 days of me time...of course I got sick....AGAIN! I don't know if it's the same head cold getting a second wind or a whole new one. And it sucks! Because I'm coughing so hard I end up vomiting. And I'm apparently a pretty passionate vomiter as I've blown out a whole heap of blood vessels in my face and it looks like I have a black eye. I've added a picture to the end of the post to show it.
(just to quickly add before anyone jumps to conclusions. I'm not pregnant!)

Speaking of pregnant. One of my beautiful friends has just publicly announced that she's expecting a baby!! I'm so very excited for her and her husband. They have been trying for quite a while with no success. He is in the navy and was never home at the "right" time. Finally after an international move and a deployment they managed to match schedules and make it happen.
Congrats again guys!!

Hopefully this germy thing that has taken control of my body is gone (or at least under control) before tomorrow night. I'm off to a special bloggers event here in Perth (there will be more info in tomorrows blog) and I will be sure to bring you photos and lots of blog links on Saturday. I'm super excited! (and nervous!) but everyone going seems super nice so I'm sure it will be a blast!

How's your week been? I hope everyone else is healthy.



  1. Hope you get better soon, we've all had that bug in the last few weeks. How is your daughter enjoying school? More importantly, how are you enjoying the break?

  2. I had gastro reflux really bad last year, everytime I was sick I would end up with that all over my face (and even down my neck a couple of times). Not fun, looked like I had a rash half the time.


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