Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Help me to dress myself {number 1}

Ok Guys and Dolls
Get those thinking caps on and keyboards warmed up. This is the first on what I hope to be a series of social interventions on how I dress myself.

This is the first item up for discussion.
A knit dress/tunic I got on Ebay for about $1.00

I have worn it in 4 different ways and I want to know what works and what doesn't.

I want critiques, suggestions, opinions (I like honesty but don't be an arsehole...I have a pretty thick skin but don't want to hear nasty comments about me....we are judging the outfits OK!!

OK here we go!

Go nuts!!

(and one last super serious shot....I'm a sexy devil!)

Much love


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  1. Hey darlin! What a fabulous tunic and again, what a fabulous idea for your blog!!!!

    Well, I'm going to say, in order, my favourites are:
    Outfit 2
    Outfit 3
    Outfit 4
    Outfit 1

    I hope that helps! I think the black (tights, skirt etc) just makes it pop. It looks like you can wear it either casual or dressed up too which is great. Lovely xx

  2. I like 3 & 4, 3 is classy mum, 4 is play dates and home made cookies mum

  3. Outfit 3 is cute. and 2. the other 2 are big FAT no's!

  4. Outfit 3! I really like the boots with it.

  5. I think you look amazing in all 4 outfits truly! But my faves are number 2 and 3 for sure :-)

  6. i like 2 and three Cie, they make you look taller and show off those killer legs of yours! the other tend to make you look shorter than you need to look. love from your NT (soon to be qld) girly friend, Taz xx

  7. I like 3 and 2. The other 2 just don't say Pin Up.


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