Saturday, July 14, 2012

Are you interesting?

Hey everyone.

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I had a random spew bug hit me yesterday afternoon. All good now. Weird!

I had a minor tantrum session with/at my husband today. I'm so terrified about entering the real working world full of adults who's clothes haven't ever had someone else's poo on them before. I'm convinced I will fail at all social interactions as honestly, I'm just not very interesting!
Before kids I was interesting. I had weird jobs, most of which involved stunningly beautiful naked women. (more on that another day)
But since becoming a mum I am downright boring!
So he has asked me to attempt to be positive an think of interesting things about myself.

While I think about it...
(may take a while, oh shit there's that negative self talk again!)...
Tell me what makes you interesting? The more obscure and unexpected the better!

Much love and interesting thoughts.



  1. My awesome friends make me interesting. My diverse beliefs. My AWESOME shoe collection, and my ever changing style.

    1. Fiona your shoes are awesome! I hope they have been left to me in your will!

      I would like to think my opinions make me interesting but I guess that only works for people who are ok with healthy debate or agree with me.
      I have some pretty random thoughts at times. Is that interesting?
      I also remember stupid facts but forget my own birthdate regularlly.

      Much love cie


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