Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Winter confessions

Hi everyone

I don't know about all of you but this winter has been a bit of a shock to my system.
It's so bloody cold!!!
We moved to Darwin in early May 2011 and moved May 2012. I had a whole year of sun and humidity. When we arrived in Perth I had to scramble around in boxes looking for my long forgotten winter wardrobe. What I did find was either too small or had perished due to the tropical climate. So I've had to scout around and pick up some basic winter items on the cheap (oh my god I love op shops!)
I'm not very good at winter fashion. Don't get me wrong. I love looking for it, touching it, seeing it on other people. It just doesn't seem to have the same attraction for me when its on me. Winter fashion is luxe, it's somewhat theatrical, it's layers, there's an emphasis on collars and buttons. I adore winter fashion but struggle to find find the right fit for me.
So here's where I finally admit the truth...
I must confess that when I'm in the house I wear my dressing gown and slippers even if I'm fully dressed underneath.
(everyone does that right?)
I also avoid washing my hair during winter, gross I know, but its so cold! Dry shampoo is a lifesaver!

I'm linking up today with Mumstrosity's winter confessions.

Much love


PS. Also as a bit of housekeeping the way that I comments set up have been changed. You no longer need a Google account or similar to leave a comment. Just your name/URL. :) 


  1. I wear my dressing gown over my clothes too. usually so I can stay snuggly but can still whip it off if for some reason someone turns up at my house.

  2. Hoping I can leave a comment! Im 5ft and by no means a small women, winter fashion for me has been the Bain of my existence since relocating to Canberra but I finally have it nutted out. Plain thick black leggings, plain black singlet and fitted black long sleeve undershirt topped with a long loose yet classy top/dress with knee length boots.. Add a plain black woollen best or a plain black coat! I always get compliments about the way I dress and told I always look lovely. Which is sooo great to hear as I thought I could never look chic in winter :)
    The dressing gown and slippers thing really made me chuckle, I thought that was just me, I have accidentally left my home to go to work with my slippers on!!! Keep up the awesome work on your blog, I really enjoy reading it!

  3. Oh Cie you make me laugh! I too wear my dressing gown around the house over the top of my clothes and i usually have a small blanket wrapped around my bottom half and slippers! It is so darn cold here in Brissy, especially with all this miserable rainy weather lately. It's my first winter in 6 years and it feels like i've just landed in Antarctica...often my partner thinks he is in Antarctica the way i rug up i must look like an eskimo rugged up in 4 or 5 layers. After being in Darwin for 6 years i did not know what winter clothes were, i had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe and boy oh boy was it hard as i had NO IDEA what i was even meant to be looking for or what would look good with what. I recently discovered scarves and they are my new best friend, distracts people from looking at your tummy and jazzes up just about any outfit. I love love love reading your blog, there is so many things i relate to and miss you like crazy!!! xo

  4. Yep it's been cold alright! Bring on a HOT HOT summer I say.


  5. Oh thank god I'm not the only one shlepping around in my dressing gown this winter!
    Although I know as soon as summer hits I will be complaining that it's too hot. Lol. Can't win!


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