Friday, July 6, 2012

Style? What you really need.

Hi everyone.

I've just reading finished Nina Garcia's "little black book of style"
(you may know of Nina from project runway or as the editor of ELLE magazine)
It wasn't a particularly intellectually stimulating book, how many books written about fashion really are honestly. It's a pretty shallow, fickle industry.
But it did provoke a few thoughts in relation to my own "style"

Nina's list of 10 must have items were...

  1. the little black dress
  2. a classic men's white shirt
  3. cashmere cardigan or turtle neck
  4. a trench coat
  5. denim
  6. a classic men's watch
  7. diamonds
  8. ballet flats
  9. a classic high heel pump
  10. a great bag

It made me think, I completely agree with Nina's list but there are a few extra items that women in the real world need. Not all of us live in Manhattan and work for a world class fashion magazine. We can't be perfect all the time. So I have added 10 more of my own

10 real world must have items
  1. Pair of black yoga pants with a fold down waistband. (preferably in bamboo... Scrumptious) - for those days you really don't want to get out of your PJ's but need to leave the house for one reason or another.
  2. One black and one white singlet with a built in shelf bra - If you can find a seamless one get it in every colour. These go under everything all year around and can prevent those super cleavage mishaps in low cut dresses or shirts. They can also be worn with jeans and a jacket when deciding on a shirt hurts your brain.
  3. A giant pair of sucky-in knickers.- Saggy post baby belly? Period bloat? General fat day? No match for these babies. If nothing else they make you stand up straighter because slouching will make you feel like your vital organs are being crushed.
  4. One pair of perfect black or brown boots that are comfy enough to wear every day (and go with pretty much everything for 3 seasons of the year) however if you live somewhere like Darwin, replace these with thongs. It's too bloody hot to wear anything else all year around.
  5. A pair of jeans that never shrink down in the wash. Freshly cleaned jeans always make me feel like I've gained 5kg. That wriggly dance you have to do to get them on isn't sexy.
  6. A jersey dress in whatever cut suits you best. I find that anything with an empire line works best for me, focus on the boobies and skim all the lumpy bits. If you are short like me get maxi dresses taken up. Tucking them into your undies at home is fine but in public, well people give you strange looks, I know from personal experience.
  7. The perfect skirt (for you)- Be it A-line, boho, micro-mini or maxi. This is one I have struggled with. I'm over a size larger in shirts than I am in jeans and could just never find the right one. I have now discovered a-line pleated fullish knee length skirts and I don't feel like a mushroom in them. Skirts are like fancy jeans. Put one on and you far more dressy with no extra work.
  8. The right jacket. Whatever cut or colour as long as it can be dressed up or down. The sort of jacket that can be thrown or for the school run and also worn for drinks with the girls. And for the love of god don't be vain and get a too small size. You need to be able to move your arms!
  9. A wrap dress. Every woman looks good wrapped. My favorite one is white with a collar and capped sleeves and a full skirt. Very 1950's! Wrap dresses are very forgiving. They hide a multitude of sins, can make big boobs look smaller, small boobs look bigger and everything in between. A win-win for everyone.
  10. A cute/funky scarf. This is a new discovery for me. I used to be able to blame random marks/stains/food on my shirt on little madam. Now that she's getting older rather than admit I'm the worlds messiest eater I can cover with a long scarf! It also adds colour and interest to your outfit, makes it look like you put some effort in to getting dressed and keeps you neck warm. It's the holy trinity!
I think the biggest thing to being stylish is attitude, if you think you look good and feel good then other people with be tricked into thinking you look amazing. (Strange how that works huh!)

What are the 10 items on your list? Feel free to double up on items from Nina's list (or mine)

Much love.


  1. Well personally I think Nina's list is pretty crappy and much prefer yours with a few slight adaptions.

  2. I really love your list as well!!!!! Love the denim, and I have an amazing green scarf that I adore! xo

  3. a really cute, and comfy, pair of medium heeled mary jane or pump style shoes, in black and brown. just plain enough to dress up a pair of jeans, or dressy enough for a night out. i have two pairs. they are my 'old faithfuls'and will get you through any fashion dilemma!

  4. also another idea, the more clothes you have that you can 'change the look of' with ACCESSORIES, then the better! saves you money, a white shirt is good as you can wear a nice pair of jeans with it and a statement green necklace for daytime, and then a skirt or tailored pants and a silver adorned statement necklace for night.

  5. I completely forgot one of the most important things that should be on my list. The perfect shade of red lipstick! Anyone can rock a red lip IF you find the right shade for you. It brightens up the dullest day or the foulest mood.

  6. LOVE your list Cie! Nina's is so unrealistic haha, your number one on the list made me smile cause I just found a pair of my own turn-down waistband pant things, that I had previously forgotten about! I was having a serious fashion crisis last night when I was given a free ticket to check out Gaga, and upon taking my (10 years junior) sister in law with me, I felt old and outta date. My jeans were too tight, my floaty top was more skintight than floaty and I realised I've lost my touch with anything beyond foundation, mascara and blistex hahaha! But then reading your list was a great reminder - yah, I'm not 26 anymore but I really actually like where my style is these days....and my local op shop now has a few extra goodies in it's bin today! xxx


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