Monday, July 30, 2012

The clothing boom!

Today I'm taking a good hard look at my extremely limited wardrobe.
As we are living at the inlaws there isn't enough room for ALL of my clothes, shoes and accessories so I'm making do with the basics.

I'm a shopaholic from way back although since my discovery on the awesomeness of op shopping in 2008 I don't usually spend more than $10 on an item of clothing.

I have some amazing clothes including many designer pieces but I find myself dressing in a bit of a mummy uniform every day. T shirt long sleeved shirt or singlet, cardie, jeans and ballet flats. Cute and casual but a pinup it does not make!
I'm not wanting to dress rockabilly every day. For me this isn't practical. Although I do envy people who can manage it.
I just want to look NICE! You know polished and effortless but oh so fashionable and stylish at the same time. I know....every woman's dream.

So I'm thinking about doing a self portrait series. (unless little madam has some photography skills she's kept well hidden there is no other way to go about it at the moment unfortunately)

Taking daily shots of what I'm wearing no matter how shocking it may be! (trackie daks and slippers anyone?!)
And post as a weekly compilation on the blog and daily on twitter and Instagram. I will aim to wear as many different items of clothing/shoes/accessories to suss out what I do or don't like in my wardrobe and I hope you guys will all leave feedback.
This will be the new format of the help me dress myself posts as my BIL has started full time works and I can't con him into taking pics for me during the week anymore.
This will be starting tomorrow.

Also if there any any questions on where I got things from, what brand things are or what makeup etc I'm using please don't hesitate to ask.

So strap yourself in and get ready for some fashion disasters as I attempt to navigate my own wardrobe! Eeek!




  1. you could always set a timer on your fast can you run in slippers?

    1. I'm pretty awesome in slippers. Will definately be attempting the timer. :)

  2. get a remote for your camera? works wonders!


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