Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm so terrible at photography that even Instagram can't help me!

Hi amazing, awesome, lovely, beautiful people who read my rambles.
Have I told you recently how much I love you?!

(No in not sucking up, just being nice!)

I have decided I want to learn to take photos. Nothing special, I don't need to take pictures that could come from a magazine or art gallery. I just want to take decent photos. I seem to be like my grandma when it comes to photos. The light is terrible, the placement of my subject matter is all wrong, I have no idea what shutter speeds or zoom lenses are all about. So the logical solution is to use Instagram. The app that makes complete photography hacks like me feel artsy. Epic fail! My Instagram photos are still just as terrible but with a old-timey colour saturation and a carefully blur.

I would love to know if anyone has any tips for absolute novices like me?
Or maybe I should just keep trying with Instagram, surely I can't get any worse...can I?

Much love



  1. My tip would be to buy some photography magazines and learn simple steps from them. YouTube YouTube youtube!!!! Believe it or not there's photographers out there that male regular class type learning videos you can watch for free on YouTube.... I've learnt many things and also has PhotoShop tutorials too. Check it out

  2. I think even just keeping in touch with other Instagram user accounts to see what styles you gravitate towards helps, then you can pick up tips and tricks as to how they capture their images. I'm always sussing out others on instagram for a bit of inspiration. Also, you can download heaps of other free photo apps that aren't so "public" so you can practice with lots of effects, colours, subjects etc. It's good fun!! xx

  3. Download introduction to photography by karl taylor on any torrent site. FANTASTIC!


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