Thursday, July 5, 2012

Do you gym?

Hi everyone.

As I've had this awful cold for the past two weeks I've slacked off with my gym attendance. (as in no attendance at all)

Of course this has made me feel guilty which makes me think of the gym...then I feel guilty again. Quite stupid really

I'm not a gym junkie by any stretch of the imagination. I go because I have to. Simple as that. Sometimes I enjoy it, most of the time I just feel sweaty and yuck.

The gym I go to is more of a Heath club then a straight forward gym, so it attracts a wider variety of clients than some places. Many of them older people or mums like me who use the onsite crèche.

I'm not one of those people who dress up nicely to go to the gym. Although my BIL asked me the other day if I was wearing makeup to the gym. Ahhh no! But I will take the compliment. It started a discussion in my super full household (5 adults + 1 toddler + fluffy dog= FULL!) about people at the gym. BIL was saying that he know a girl who has to shower and do her hair and a full face of makeup before leaving the house and then needs another shower to remove the reapply the sweat shifted war paint. Apparently she go to the gym much as she doesn't have enough time. (I'm sure she could fit in the hour at the gym. The two hours of pre and post primping may have to go)
It made me start thinking about the people I see at the gym.
One "group" of people that always catches my eye is the people (mostly women) who look so self conscious and uncomfortable being there I just want to give them a hug. They alway look like they want to disappear into their oversized T-shirt like a turtle into its shell.
I usually see the same people a couple of weeks later with a completely outlook. They have realised that most people who go to the gym aren't supermodels. They are ordinary people who are so focused on getting what has to be done and out of the way they aren't paying any attention to anyone else.

Which brings me to "the ladies only section" my gym has. That small curtained off semi private area scares the crap out of me. I would prefer to stay on the main gym floor and just be one of the masses, red faced and sweating like a pig on the treadmill. The ladies only area seems cliquey to me What are they doing in there? Dealing in illegal south american weightloss pills?? Why do they need the curtain? It's like a velvet rope to a VIP area you need a vagina to access! No thank you!
Everyone knows women are far more judgmental of other women than men are.

So do you gym?
Any gym stories?

Much love.



  1. When I first joined the gym I felt really awkward and lost. I didn't know how to use the machines or what machines I should use to impact my target areas. The ladies only section is a no no for me because it feels too confined. It is enjoyable watching the others working out, especially the huge men who weight-lift. I'm less lost these days though I'm still yet to get to the point where I HAVE to go to the gym or else I feel crap.

  2. I would always start a gym session trying to look good- poised, athletic and like I knew what I was doing. By 15 minutes in I was huffing and sweating and usually grunting and didn't give a damn who saw it!

    Can't afford the time or money these days, but I miss it so much!


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