Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fremantle adventures and Jeggings. Do you jeg?

Hey there funky people!

I hope your Saturday was a fantastic one.
We had a busy day. The thrills of housework in the morning (Yay...Not!) and then we went out for lunch in Fremantle. Jus burgers next to the freo markets was recommended by BIL and so we through we would check it out. Very glad we did. Very yummy!
Hubby had the cheese burger with cheddar and I had the Spanish SNAG.

Spanish SNAG burger and I added 'slaw to it., Yummo!

We both said that the cheeseburger with blue vein cheese will be the choice for next time. Little madam just had all of my chips. The sacrifices a mother makes!

After lunch we wandered down to the esplanade so little madam could have a play at the playground. We were lucky enough to stumble upon the winter festival which was sponsored by lipton Free samples of chai latte. Yes please!
Checked out the ice rink (didn't have a skate) watched a few stacks on the ice (one was pretty serious and an ambulance was called) then back to the park then home again, home gain, jiggity-jig.

The original plan for my afternoon was to find my nearest shopping centre with a crossroad store to try on some jeggings but it wasn't to be. Didn't want to confess to my husband today that the reason I wanted to "duck" to the shops was for jeggings. In our house wearing leggings as pants is grounds for divorce so I'm not sure if jeggings fall into the same category.
My reasoning for jeggings is that I have short, solid chunky legs and I can't find skinny jeans that fit my thighs but will also fit right at my hips/waist. I'm curious to see if jeggings would be the solution. Easier to take up in length than real jeans I'm guessing? Thinner material means I can tuck them into boots (once I find a perfect pair with a generous sized calf if anyone finds them point me in the right direction!)

So do you jeg? Are they more acceptable than leggings as pants?

And as an added bonus random question. What would be on your ideal burger? :)

Cheers to you tonight. I'm about to pour myself a wine :)


Ps. There are a stupid number of brands mentioned in this post. None of the mentioned brands have sponsored this post or exchanged items of value in exchange for being mentioned. They all just happened to be part of my day. Dammit. I should make them pay me for this shit.


  1. Jeggings are not an acceptable form of pants! I have the same stumpy legs as you. Jag jeans are the way to go...they allow for curves, sit higher than your normal jeans (high waist or mid waist) and all your wobbly bits tuck in. Buy some! xo

  2. Hi, we are dying to know. Did you end up getting those jeggings after all? xx

  3. Hi, did you end up buying a pair? We are dying to know. Cheers,xx

    1. I didnt actually get the jeggings...Yet!
      There were a couple of reasons.
      I'm between a size 14 and a size 12. (HUGE EGO BOOST! I'm usually a 14-16 in most other brands)
      I wanted to get a black pair and a coloured pair, the black pair were fantastic (I was just worried about the fabric settling after a few washes and the 14's being too big) but the coloured pairs were made of a thinner fabric which showed off all the lumps and bumps that traditional, thicker weave denim hides.
      I was a bit disappointed.
      If the coloured ones were the same material as the black ones I would have just risked the size issue and purchased both pairs.
      I was however impressed that they didn't look like I imagined they would when being worn, they just look like skinny jeans with a softer stretchy top (would have been a godsend when I was pregnant!) They just look like straight leg, skinny jeans which means I would never have confess to my husband that that I was wearing jeggings.

      Will see how I go with the gym (back today after over 2 weeks off)....I might be back for those 12's!

  4. JEGGINGS?! WTF!!!!!!!!!! Leggings are not pants, Jeggings are even worse!

  5. If you are still looking for generous calf boots, try :)


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